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When it comes to music, I'm basically an Indie Boy. My favourite band is Radiohead, but I like anything that involves tuneful guitar music and a good singer. I've got a lot of favourite bands because I've been exposed to a plenty of music over the years: I used to work part-time in a record shop (1996-1999); I've seen a lot of bands live since moving to Manchester for university (1998); and I've made the most of out getting satellite TV (2002), watching MTV2, The Amp, Kerrang, etc.

From the rest of my site, you've probably worked out that I like collecting things. In the case of music, I try to get all of the songs by my favourite artists. As such, I've got all of the albums by bands listed in this section, and most of their singles. (Personally, I can't see how anyone could have a favourite band and not try to get every decent track they've done! It's often the case that some of a band's best works are b-sides.)

Because I've got so many favourite bands, I've grouped them based on their current status. (The ones in bold get listened to a lot at the moment. If a band is underlined, it means that I have all, or nearly all, of the music they have officially released.)

Relatively new bands:

Established bands still making music:

Bands that have gone quiet:

Bands that have split:

Honourable mentions:

(This isn't technically the right place to say this, but I'd just like to say that I think Coldplay are way overrated. I've got both of their albums, but don't consider either to be particularly special. If you consider them to be one of your favourite bands, then you might want to have a listen to some of the bands I've listed above.)

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