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This section of my website is devoted to Decipher's Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game, and is the main reason I created Gondorian.com.

In here, you'll find my haves/wants list for the both the online and offline version of the game.

I've decided to start listing my decks on this site (including my swarm deck from March's online PSQ), so check out this section if you're stuck for ideas.

It's sometimes hard (and slow) to find your way around Decipher's website, so I've extracted or directly linked to the most useful player resources on there, including PDF spoilers and starter deck lists. You can also find the standard format xlist and a complete card list (useful for printing out logging what cards you own).

This section contains my complete Why Pay For Virtual Trading Cards? article, which was a year-in-the-making, and the first article in my brand new series The Evolution of a Deck.

I've listed all the U.K. players of the game in this section, to help with offline trading and also arranging online tournaments at convenient hours.

This is currently the most popular part of my website, by a long way. You can pick a booster pack from a virtual box of cards, from any expansion, and you see what cards you would have got if the pack was real. Originally, I thought this was completely pointless (and used it to brush up on my perl programming skills), but it actually has many uses.

This final section has some useful links to related websites.

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