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Please Note: This section has not been updated in about 8 years.

This section of my website is devoted to the kinds of music I like. I've separated the content into a number of sections.

Favourite Bands
I'm very into music and try and get all the material by my favourite bands. My main taste is indie/rock, but I often find artists from completely different genres that I like, despite not liking the rest of the genre.

Recommended Albums
My CD collection consists of many albums and singles, bought in the U.K. between 1996 (when I started a Saturday job at a record store) and the present. Aside from indie bands, the other main focus of my collection is film soundtracks.

Current Favourite Songs
This section lists songs that I'm very into at the moment. Most of them can be found on my portable mp3 player (to shut out the sound of annoying people on buses and train journies) or will be played a whole lot at work, while I'm programming.

Music Forums
The official message board of your favourite artist can be a great source of up-to-date news and lively discussion. In this section, I've linked to the sites that I frequent.

Music Links
I've got a whole load of links in this section: official sites; recommended fan sites; good TV channels; online stores; and quality music software.

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