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Official sites for my Favourite Bands:

Recommended fan sites for my Favourite Bands:

Music reviews for UK albums and singles:

Web sites for quality music channels (on UK satellite TV):

Recommended online stores for cheap CDs:

  • Amazon.co.uk - might not be the cheapest, but they have a wide range of titles and you can also find rare CDs in their second-hand marketplace
  • CDWOW - free delivery and great prices (check here first when you want something new)
  • Play.com - free delivery and usually cheap CDs (compare with CDWOW before ordering)

Music-related software:

  • MusicMatch - the best mp3 library manager you'll find
  • Winamp - simply the best mp3 player there is
  • WinMX - Napster-style media (e.g. mp3) sharing program, with no spyware or popups.

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