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Last updated 28th September 2005  
BLOODLINES - All rarities  
2x13R117  Ordnance Grunt  (Orc Minion)  
12R10  No Pauses, No Spills  (Dwarven Event)  
2x11R78  Elevated Fire  (Men Event)  
2x11R96  Precision Targeting  (Men Event)  
2x10R8  •Crdan, The Shipwright  (Elven Companion)  
7R37  •Gandalf, Manager of Wizards  (Gandalf Companion)  
7R50  Terrible and Evil  (Gandalf Event)  
3x7R159  Small Hope  (Raider Condition)  
7R163  Southron Chieftain  (Raider Minion)  
7R230  •owyn's Sword, Dernhelm's Blade  (Rohan Possession)  
5R5  Baruk Khazd  (Dwarven Event)  
5R50  •Foul Horde  (Isengard Minion)  
5R125  •Foul Horde (AI)  (Isengard Minion)  
5R128  Thundering Host (AI)  (Rohan Condition)  
4R92  Grown Suddenly Tall  (Gandalf Event)  
2x4R160  •Mauhr, Patrol Leader  (Isengard Minion)  
4R219  •Desert Lord  (Raider Minion)  
2x4R259  Vision From Afar  (Raider Event)  
13R10  •Asfaloth, Swift Blossom  (Elven Possession)  
13R38  •Radagast, Tender of Beasts  (Gandalf Follower)  
13R76  •Storied Homestead  (Gondor Condition)   FOIL
13R86  Desert Wind  (Men Minion)  
2x13R126  •Firefoot, Mearas of the Mark  (Rohan Possession)  
13R138  •Thodred, Second Marshal of the Mark  (Rohan Companion)  
13R156  •Sam, Bearer of Great Need  (Shire Companion)   FOIL
13R171  Uruk Invader  (Uruk-hai Minion)  
13R178  Dark Fell About Him  (Wraith Event)  
12R9  Loud and Strong  (Dwarven Condition)  
2x12R26  Discoveries  (Gandalf Event)  
3x12R27  •Gandalf, The White Rider  (Gandalf Companion)  
2x12R28  •Gandalf's Hat  (Gandalf Possession)  
12R38  From Deep in Shadow  (Gollum Event)  
12R42  •Blade of Gondor, Sword of Boromir  (Gondor Possession)  
12R68  •Grma, Betrayer of Rohan  (Men Minion)  
4x12R75  Poisonous Words  (Men Event)  
3x12R79  •The Balrog, The Terror of Khazad-dm  (Moria Minion)  
12R80  •Whip of Many Thongs, Weapon of Flame and Shadow  (Moria Artifact)  
3x12R108  Cast Out  (Rohan Condition)  
2x12R119  •Bilbo, Melancholy Hobbit  (Shire Companion)  
12R120  Diversion  (Shire Event)  
3x12R141  Dark Alliance  (Uruk-hai Condition)  
12R141  Dark Alliance  (Uruk-hai Condition)   FOIL
12R154  Uruk Slaughterer  (Uruk-hai Minion)  
12R174  •lair Canta, Black Assassin  (Wraith Minion)  
12R175  •lair Enqua, Black Threat  (Wraith Minion)  
12R179  •lair Otsa, Black Specter  (Wraith Minion)  
11R9  •Gimli's Battle Axe, Vicious Weapon  (Dwarven Possession)  
11R11  •Hall of Our Fathers  (Dwarven Condition)  
11R22  •Legolas, Woodland Emissary  (Elven Companion)  
11R23  •Legolas' Bow  (Elven Possession)  
11R24  Might of the Elf-lords  (Elven Event)  
3x11R42  •Gollum, Skulker  (Gollum Minion)  
11R48  •Not Yet Vanquished  (Gollum Condition)  
11R50  •Safe Passage  (Gollum Condition)  
11R51  •Smagol, Scout and Guide  (Gollum Companion)  
11R54  •Aragorn, Strider  (Gondor Companion)  
11R57  •Boromir, Hero of Osgiliath  (Gondor Companion)  
11R66  Well-traveled  (Gondor Event)  
4x11R75  •Easterling Host  (Men Minion)  
11R91  Oath Sworn  (Men Condition)  
11R147  •Gamling, Defender of the Hornburg  (Rohan Companion)  
11R154  •Riders of the Mark  (Rohan Companion)  
11R170  •Pippin, Brave Decoy  (Shire Companion)  
2x11R179  Brawling Uruk  (Uruk-hai Minion)  
11R207  Dark Powers Strengthen  (Wraith Event)  
2x11R219  •lair Atta, Second of the Nine Riders  (Wraith Minion)  
3x11R224  •lair Otsa, Seventh of the Nine Riders  (Wraith Minion)  
11R226  •The Witch-king, Captain of the Nine Riders  (Wraith Minion)  
10R1  Great Day, Great Hour  (Dwarven Event)  
10R11  •Galadriel, Lady Redeemed  (Elven Companion)  
10R14  Borne Far Away  (Gandalf Event)  
10R25  •Aragorn, Elessar Telcontar  (Gondor Companion)  
10R28  •Denethor, Lord of Minas Tirith  (Gondor Companion)  
3x10R40  Easterling Berserker  (Raider Minion)  
10R60  •Gorbag's Sword  (Ringwraith Possession)  
10R63  •Morgul Vanguard  (Ringwraith Minion)  
10R67  •lair Canta, Thrall of The One  (Ringwraith Minion)   FOIL
10R68  •lair Enqua, Thrall of The One  (Ringwraith Minion)  
10R71  •lair Tolda, Thrall of The One  (Ringwraith Minion)  
10R89  •Gothmog's Warg  (Sauron Possession)  
2x10R95  Orc Slaughterer  (Sauron Minion)  
2x10R100  Speak No More to Me  (Sauron Event)  
9R+1  •The One Ring, The Binding Ring  (The One Ring)  
9R+17  •Knife of the Galadhrim  (Elven Possession)  
9R+30  •Smagol, Bearer of Great Secrets  (Gollum Companion)  
9R+39  •Library of Orthanc  (Isengard Artifact)  
9R+49  •Bilbo, Bearer of Things Burgled  (Shire Companion)  
8R11  Life of the Eldar  (Elven Event)  
8R11  Life of the Eldar  (Elven Event)   FOIL
8R12  Reckless We Rode  (Elven Event)  
8R21  •Shadowfax, Greatheart  (Gandalf Possession)  
3x8R25  •Shelob, Eater of Light  (Gollum Minion)  
2x8R27  •Smagol, Slippery Sneak  (Gollum Companion)  
8R38  •King of the Dead, Oathbreaker  (Gondor Companion)  
3x8R43  •Shadow Host  (Gondor Companion)  
2x8R62  •Heavy Axeman  (Raider Minion)  
2x8R62  •Heavy Axeman  (Raider Minion)   FOIL
8R65  Ships of Great Draught  (Raider Possession)  
2x8R70  •Black Flail  (Ringwraith Possession)  
2x8R77  Morgul Squealer  (Ringwraith Minion)  
8R81  •lair Otsa, Thrall of The One  (Ringwraith Minion)  
8R81  •lair Otsa, Thrall of The One  (Ringwraith Minion)   FOIL
2x8R88  •owyn's Shield  (Rohan Possession)  
8R91  •Rohirrim Army  (Rohan Companion)  
2x8R93  Called Away  (Sauron Condition)  
8R93  Called Away  (Sauron Condition)   FOIL
3x8R105  Olog-hai of Mordor  (Sauron Minion)  
2x8R113  •Sting, Bane of the Eight Legs  (Shire Possession)  
8R113  •Sting, Bane of the Eight Legs  (Shire Possession)   FOIL
3x7R7  •Gimli, Feared Axeman  (Dwarven Companion)  
7R17  •Asfaloth, Elven Steed  (Elven Possession)  
7R21  •Elrond, Elven Lord  (Elven Companion)  
2x7R25  •Legolas, Fearless Marksman  (Elven Companion)  
7R28  •Shadow Between  (Elven Condition)  
7R38  •Gandalf's Staff, Focus of Power  (Gandalf Artifact)  
7R44  •Moment of Respite  (Gandalf Condition)  
7R48  Stay This Madness  (Gandalf Condition)  
2x7R56  The Dead City  (Gollum Condition)  
7R58  •Gollum, Plotting Deceiver  (Gollum Minion)  
2x7R63  Let Her Deal With Them  (Gollum Condition)  
3x7R66  No Safe Places  (Gollum Event)  
7R68  Scouting  (Gollum Condition)  
7R69  Secret Paths  (Gollum Condition)  
3x7R70  Serving the Precious  (Gollum Event)  
7R73  Sneaking!  (Gollum Event)  
7R74  So Polite  (Gollum Event)  
7R85  •Denethor, Steward of the City  (Gondor Companion)  
2x7R97  •Gondorian Merchant  (Gondor Ally)  
2x7R113  •Pippin's Armor  (Gondor Possession)  
2x7R114  •Pippin's Sword  (Gondor Possession)  
7R127  •Vorondil  (Gondor Companion)  
7R129  •Bold Men and Grim  (Raider Condition)  
7R148  Fierce in Despair  (Raider Event)  
7R169  Surging Up  (Raider Condition)  
7R179  Ghastly Host  (Ringwraith Condition)  
7R182  Loathsome  (Ringwraith Event)  
2x7R183  Mind and Body  (Ringwraith Event)  
7R197  Morgul Regiment  (Ringwraith Minion)  
7R211  •lair Canta, Faster Than Winds  (Ringwraith Minion)  
2x7R223  Death They Cried  (Rohan Event)  
7R233  •Grimbold, Marshal of Rohan  (Rohan Companion)  
7R251  Stern People  (Rohan Condition)  
7R255  •Thoden, Rekindled King  (Rohan Companion)  
7R267  Din of Arms  (Sauron Event)  
7R268  •Encirclement  (Sauron Condition)  
7R269  Fires Raged Unchecked  (Sauron Condition)  
7R283  •Legions of Morgul  (Sauron Condition)  
7R284  Mordor Assassin  (Sauron Minion)  
3x7R306  •Orc Seeker  (Sauron Minion)  
7R308  Rally the Host  (Sauron Condition)  
7R316  •Troop Tower  (Sauron Condition)  
6R11  Toss Me  (Dwarven Event)  
6R18  •Galadriel, Keeper of Nenya  (Elven Ally)  
2x6R26  Enraged  (Gandalf Condition)  
6R28  •Ent Horde  (Gandalf Companion)  
6R30  •Gandalf, Mithrandir  (Gandalf Companion)  
2x6R35  •Skinbark, Fladrif  (Gandalf Companion)  
3x6R41  Master Broke His Promise  (Gollum Event)  
6R44  Safe Paths  (Gollum Event)  
3x6R68  Isengard Mechanics  (Isengard Minion)  
2x6R76  •The Balrog, Terror of Flame and Shadow  (Moria Minion)  
2x6R80  Southron Archer Legion  (Raider Minion)  
2x6R82  Trample  (Raider Event)  
6R92  •omer, Rohirrim Captain  (Rohan Companion)  
2x6R94  •Hma, Doorward of Thoden  (Rohan Companion)  
6R96  News From the Mark  (Rohan Event)  
6R101  •Gate Picket  (Sauron Minion)  
6R124  •Skinbark, Fladrif (AI)  (Gandalf Companion)  
6R127  Isengard Mechanics (AI)  (Isengard Minion)  
6R128  •Gate Troll (AI)  (Sauron Minion)  
5R7  •Gimli, Skilled Defender  (Dwarven Companion)  
2x5R16  Down From the Hills  (Gandalf Event)  
2x5R18  Fury of the White Rider  (Gandalf Event)  
5R19  •Lindenroot, Elder Shepherd  (Gandalf Companion)  
5x5R21  Be Back Soon  (Gollum Event)  
2x5R41  These Are My People  (Gondor Event)  
2x5R56  •Saruman, Master of Foul Folk  (Isengard Minion)  
5R58  •Sharku, Warg-captain  (Isengard Minion)  
2x5R69  Wolves of Isengard  (Isengard Condition)  
5R71  Company of Haradrim  (Raider Minion)  
2x5R72  Desert Stalker  (Raider Minion)  
5R78  War Mmak  (Raider Possession)  
5R82  •Gamling, Warrior of Rohan  (Rohan Companion)  
3x5R89  Rohirrim Helm  (Rohan Possession)  
2x5R95  •Dead Marshes  (Sauron Condition)  
5R103  Orc Captain  (Sauron Minion)  
3x5R112  No Help for It  (Shire Event)  
4x5R113  No Use That Way  (Shire Event)  
2x5R126  •Army of Haradrim (AI)  (Raider Minion)  
4R35  Wake of Destruction  (Dunland Event)  
4x4R41  •Axe of Erebor  (Dwarven Possession)  
4R58  Alliance Reforged  (Elven Event)  
2x4R65  •Erethn, Naith Lieutenant  (Elven Companion)  
3x4R75  Lembas  (Elven Possession)  
4R79  Night Without End  (Elven Event)  
2x4R95  Into Dark Tunnels  (Gandalf Event)  
4R100  •Shadowfax  (Gandalf Possession)  
4R107  Windows in a Stone Wall  (Gandalf Condition)  
4R120  •Forbidden Pool  (Gondor Condition)  
4R133  •Ruins of Osgiliath  (Gondor Condition)  
2x4R140  Beyond All Hope  (Isengard Event)  
4R149  Driven Back  (Isengard Event)  
4R157  Leechcraft  (Isengard Condition)  
4R162  New Power Rising  (Isengard Event)  
4R164  •Orthanc Champion  (Isengard Minion)  
3x4R209  Volley Fire  (Isengard Event)  
2x4R213  What Did You Discover?  (Isengard Condition)  
4R115  The Prancing Pony (AI-1)  (Site)  
4R229  Easterling Skirmisher  (Raider Minion)  
4R240  New Fear  (Raider Event)  
4R243  Rapid Fire  (Raider Event)  
4R261  Wrath of Harad  (Raider Condition)  
4R269  •othain, Scout of the Mark  (Rohan Companion)  
4R307  Impatient and Angry  (Shire Event)  
4R311  •Merry, Unquenchable Hobbit  (Shire Companion)  
4R313  •Pippin, Just a Nuisance  (Shire Companion)  
I also have a lot of rares from Fellowship Block and many Tengwar cards. 

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