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          0P1  The Prancing Pony (AI-1) Site                   
          0P2  •Bill the Pony (Pv-3)ShirePossession                   
          0P3  Fireworks (Pv-3)GandalfEvent                   
          0P4  Council Courtyard (AI-1) Site                   
          0P5  •Horn of Boromir (Pv-3)GondorPossession                   
          0P6  Balin's Tomb (AI-1) Site                   
          0P7  •Book of Mazarbul (Pv-3)DwarvenPossession                   
          0P8  Galadriel's Glade (AI-1) Site                   
          0P9  •Phial of Galadriel (Pv-3)ElvenPossession                   
          0P10  •The Balrog, Durin's Bane (Pv-2)MoriaMinion                   
          0P11  •Saruman, Servant of the Eye (Pv-3)IsengardMinion                   
          0P12  •Gimli, Son of Glóin (F) (AI-1)DwarvenCompanion                   
          0P13  •Legolas, Greenleaf (F) (AI-1)ElvenCompanion                   
          0P14  •Aragorn, Ranger of the North (F) (AI-1)GondorCompanion                   
          0P15  •Legolas, Son of Thranduil (AI) (Pv-3)ElvenCompanion                   
          0P16  •Faramir, Son of Denethor (F) (AI) (Pv-4)GondorCompanion                   
          0P17  •Éowyn, Lady of Rohan (F) (AI) (Pv-4)RohanCompanion                   
          0P18  •Sméagol, Old Noser (AI) (Pv-5)GollumCompanion                   
          0P19  •Théoden, King of the Golden Hall (AI) (Pv-5)RohanCompanion                   
          0P20  Black Rider (F) (AI) (Pv-?)RingwraithMinion                   
          0P21  •Treebeard, Guardian of the Forest (AI) (Pv-6)GandalfCompanion                   
          0P22  Fell Beast (AI) (Pv-6)RingwraithPossession                   
          0P23  •Aragorn, Captain of Gondor (AI) (Pv-7)GondorCompanion                   
          0P24  •Legolas, Elven Stalwart (AI) (Pv-8)ElvenCompanion                   
          0P25  •Denethor, Wizened Steward (AI) (Pv-7)GondorCompanion                   
          0P26  •Gandalf, Defender of the West (AI) (Pv-7)GandalfCompanion                   
          0P27  •Frodo, Resolute Hobbit (AI) (Pv-9)ShireCompanion                   
          0P28  •Arwen, Fair Elf Maiden (AI-7)ElvenCompanion                   
          0P29  •Éowyn, Dernhelm (AI-7)RohanCompanion                   
          0P30  •The Balrog, Terror of Flame and Shadow (6R76)MoriaMinion                   
          0P31  •The Pale Blade (1R221)RingwraithPossession                   
          0P32  •Gandalf, Mithrandir (6R30)GandalfCompanion                   
          0P33  •Firefoot (4R274)RohanPossession                   
          0P34  •Gimli's Helm (1R15)DwarvenPossession                   
          0P35  •Faramir, Captain of Gondor (4R116)GondorCompanion                   
          0P36  •Whip of Many Thongs (2R74)MoriaArtifact                   
          0P37  •The Witch-king, Lord of the Nazgûl (2R85)RingwraithMinion                   
          0P38  •Gandalf's Staff, Walking Stick (4R91)GandalfArtifact                   
          0P39  •Éowyn, Sister-daughter of Théoden (4R271)RohanCompanion                   
          0P40  •Axe of Erebor (4R41)DwarvenPossession                   
          0P41  •Aragorn's Bow (1R90)GondorPossession                   
          0P42  •The Balrog's Sword (2R50)MoriaArtifact                   
          0P43  •Úlairë Nelya, Ringwraith in Twilight (2R84)RingwraithMinion                   
          0P44  •Glamdring, Lightning Brand (6R31)GandalfPossession                   
          0P45  •Éomer, Third Marshal of Riddermark (4R267)RohanCompanion                   
          0P46  •Gimli, Skilled Defender (5R7)DwarvenCompanion                   
          0P47  •Aragorn, Defender of Free Peoples (6R50)GondorCompanion                   
          0P48  •Shelob, Last Child of Ungoliant (AI) (Pv-8)GollumMinion                   
          0P49  •Éomer, Keeper of Oaths (AI) (Pv-8)RohanCompanion                   
          0P50  •Glorfindel, Revealed in WrathElvenCompanion                   
          0P51  •Radagast, The BrownGandalfCompanion                   
          0P52  •Goldberry, River-daughterShireAlly                   
          0P53  •Tom Bombadil, The MasterShireAlly                   
          0P54  •Sauron, The Lord of the Rings (AI) (Pv-9)SauronMinion                   
          0P55  Gorgoroth Swarm (AI)SauronMinion                   
          0P56  •Ghân-buri-Ghân, Chieftain of the WosesGandalfCompanion                   
          0P57  •Radagast's StaffGandalfArtifact                   
          0P58  •Anárion, Lord of AnórienGondorCompanion                   
          0P59  •Erkenbrand, Master of WestfoldRohanCompanion                   
          0P60  •Tom Bombadil's HatShirePossession                   
          0P61  •The Witch-king, Black Captain (F)RingwraithMinion                   
          0P62  •Gimli, Dwarven DelegateDwarvenCompanion                   
          0P63  •Arwen, Maiden of RivendellElvenCompanion                   
          0P64  •Gandalf, StormcrowGandalfCompanion                   
          0P65  •Boromir, Steward's HeirGondorCompanion                   
          0P66  •Éomer, Forthwith BanishedRohanCompanion                   
          0P67  •Frodo, Mr. UnderhillShireCompanion                   
          0P68  •The One Ring, The Binding RingOneThe                   
          0P69  Nocked (F)ElvenEvent                   
          0P70  •Gandalf, Leader of the Company (F)GandalfCompanion                   
          0P71  •Boromir, Hero of Osgiliath (F)GondorCompanion                   
          0P72  Bow of Minas Tirith (F)GondorPossession                   
          0P73  Armored Easterling (F)MenMinion                   
          0P74  Poleaxe (F)MenPossession                   
          0P75  Champion Orc (F)OrcMinion                   
          0P76  Spurred to Battle (F)OrcCondition                   
          0P77  •Riders of the Mark (F)RohanCompanion                   
          0P78  Sam, Steadfast Friend (F)ShireCompanion                   
          0P79  •Arwen, Staunch Defender (F)ElvenCompanion                   
          0P80  •Éomer, Éored Leader (F) (Pv)RohanCompanion                   
          0P81  •Úlairë Toldëa, Black Shadow (F) (Pv)WraithMinion                   
          0P82  •The Witch-king's Beast, Fell Creature (F) (Pv)WraithPossession                   
          0P83  •Úlairë Attëa, Second of the Nine Riders (F)WraithMinion                   
          0P84  •Sting, Weapon of Heritage (F)ShirePossession                   
          0P85  Olog-haï Bestial (F) (French)OrcMinion                   
          0P86  •Pippin, Brave Decoy (F)ShireCompanion                   
          0P87  •Legolas, Companion of the Ring (F)ElvenCompanion                   
          0P88  •Éowyn, Shieldmaiden of Rohan (F)RohanCompanion                   
          0P89  •Járnsmid, Barding Emissary (F)GandalfCompanion                   
          0P90  Vapour and Steam (F) (Pv)GandalfCondition                   
          0P91  Massing Strength (F) (Pv)OrcEvent                   
          0P92  Morgul Tormentor (F)OrcMinion                   
          0P93  •Farmer Maggot, Hobbit of the Marish (F)ShireCompanion                   
          0P94  •Mithril-coat, Dwarf-mail (F) (Pv)ShireArtifact                   
          0P95  •Saruman, Agent of the Dark Lord (F)Uruk-haiMinion                   
          0P96  Keening Wail (F)WraithEvent                   
          0P97  •Úlairë Nelya, Third of the Nine Riders (F)WraithMinion                   
          0P98  •Úlairë Lemenya, Black Enemy (F)WraithMinion                   
          0P100  •The Mouth of Sauron, Messenger of Mordor (F)MenMinion                   
          0P103  •Úlairë Otsëa, Black Specter (F)WraithMinion                   
          0P104  •Saruman, Of Many Colours (F)IsengardMinion                   
          0P105  •Úlairë Otsëa, Seventh of the Nine Riders (F)WraithMinion                   
          0P106  •Háma, Captain of the King's Guard (F)RohanCompanion                   
          0P107  Guard of the White Tree (F)GondorCompanion                   
          0P108  •The Witch-king, Captain of the Nine Riders (F)WraithMinion                   
          0P109  •Úlairë Attëa, Second of the Nine Riders (F)WraithMinion                   
          0P110  •Úlairë Nelya, Third of the Nine Riders (F)WraithMinion                   
          0P111  •Úlairë Cantëa, Fourth of the Nine Riders (F)WraithMinion                   
          0P112  •Úlairë Lemenya, Fifth of the Nine Riders (F)WraithMinion                   
          0P113  •Úlairë Enquëa, Sixth of the Nine Riders (F)WraithMinion                   
          0P114  •Úlairë Otsëa, Seventh of the Nine Riders (F)WraithMinion                   
          0P115  •Úlairë Toldëa, Eighth of the Nine Riders (F)WraithMinion                   
          0P116  •Úlairë Nertëa, Ninth of the Nine Riders (F)WraithMinion                   
          0P117  •Faramir, Prince of Ithilien (F)GondorCompanion                   
          1R1  •The One Ring, Isildur's Bane The One Ring                   
          1C2  •The One Ring, The Ruling Ring The One Ring                   
          1C3  Axe StrikeDwarvenEvent                   
          1C4  Battle FuryDwarvenEvent                   
          1C5  Cleaving BlowDwarvenEvent                   
          1C6  DelvingDwarvenEvent                   
          1C7  Dwarf GuardDwarvenCompanion                   
          1C8  Dwarven ArmorDwarvenPossession                   
          1C9  Dwarven AxeDwarvenPossession                   
          1C10  Dwarven HeartDwarvenCondition                   
          1C11  •Farin, Dwarven EmissaryDwarvenCompanion                   
          1U12  •Gimli, Dwarf of EreborDwarvenCompanion                   
          1R13  •Gimli, Son of GlóinDwarvenCompanion                   
          1R14  •Gimli's Battle AxeDwarvenPossession                   
          1R15  •Gimli's HelmDwarvenPossession                   
          1R16  •Greatest Kingdom of My PeopleDwarvenCondition                   
          1U17  •Grimir, Dwarven ElderDwarvenAlly                   
          1C18  Halls of My HomeDwarvenEvent                   
          1C19  Here Lies Balin, Son of FundinDwarvenEvent                   
          1C20  Let Them Come!DwarvenCondition                   
          1C21  Lord of MoriaDwarvenCondition                   
          1R22  Mithril ShaftDwarvenEvent                   
          1R23  Nobody Tosses a DwarfDwarvenEvent                   
          1C24  Stairs of Khazad-dûmDwarvenCondition                   
          1C25  Still Draws BreathDwarvenEvent                   
          1C26  Their Halls of StoneDwarvenEvent                   
          1U27  •Thrarin, Dwarven SmithDwarvenAlly                   
          1R28  Wealth of MoriaDwarvenEvent                   
          1U29  Ancient EnmityElvenEvent                   
          1R30  •Arwen, Daughter of ElrondElvenCompanion                   
          1U31  •AsfalothElvenPossession                   
          1C32  Border DefensesElvenEvent                   
          1R33  •Bow of the GaladhrimElvenPossession                   
          1R34  •Celeborn, Lord of LórienElvenAlly                   
          1R35  The Council of ElrondElvenEvent                   
          1R36  Curse Their Foul Feet!ElvenEvent                   
          1C37  DefianceElvenEvent                   
          1R38  Double ShotElvenEvent                   
          1C39  Elf-songElvenEvent                   
          1R40  •Elrond, Lord of RivendellElvenAlly                   
          1C41  Elven BowElvenPossession                   
          1C42  Elven CloakElvenPossession                   
          1C43  •Far-seeing EyesElvenCondition                   
          1U44  Foul CreationElvenEvent                   
          1R45  •Galadriel, Lady of LightElvenAlly                   
          1U46  •Gift of BoatsElvenCondition                   
          1R47  •GwemegilElvenPossession                   
          1U48  •Haldir, Elf of the Golden WoodElvenCompanion                   
          1R49  The Last Alliance of Elves and MenElvenCondition                   
          1R50  •Legolas, GreenleafElvenCompanion                   
          1U51  •Legolas, Prince of MirkwoodElvenCompanion                   
          1C52  LightfootednessElvenEvent                   
          1C53  Lórien ElfElvenCompanion                   
          1U54  Mallorn-treesElvenCondition                   
          1R55  •The Mirror of GaladrielElvenPossession                   
          1U56  •Orophin, Lórien BowmanElvenAlly                   
          1U57  •Rúmil, Elven ProtectorElvenAlly                   
          1C58  The Seen and the UnseenElvenEvent                   
          1C59  Shoulder to ShoulderElvenCondition                   
          1U60  •Silinde, Elf of MirkwoodElvenAlly                   
          1C61  Songs of the Blessed RealmElvenCondition                   
          1R62  •The Splendor of Their BannersElvenCondition                   
          1U63  Stand Against DarknessElvenEvent                   
          1U64  Support of the Last Homely HouseElvenEvent                   
          1U65  Swan-ship of the GaladhrimElvenEvent                   
          1R66  •The Tale of Gil-galadElvenCondition                   
          1C67  •Uruviel, Maid of LórienElvenAlly                   
          1C68  The White Arrows of LórienElvenCondition                   
          1R69  •Albert Dreary, Entertainer From BreeGandalfAlly                   
          1U70  •Barliman Butterbur, Prancing Pony ProprietorGandalfAlly                   
          1R71  Durin's SecretGandalfEvent                   
          1R72  •Gandalf, Friend of the ShirefolkGandalfCompanion                   
          1U73  •Gandalf's CartGandalfPossession                   
          1U74  •Gandalf's PipeGandalfPossession                   
          1R75  •GlamdringGandalfPossession                   
          1C76  IntimidateGandalfEvent                   
          1U77  Let Folly Be Our CloakGandalfEvent                   
          1C78  Mysterious WizardGandalfEvent                   
          1R79  The Nine WalkersGandalfCondition                   
          1R80  •Ottar, Man of LaketownGandalfAlly                   
          1R81  Questions That Need AnsweringGandalfEvent                   
          1C82  Risk a Little LightGandalfEvent                   
          1R83  Servant of the Secret FireGandalfEvent                   
          1C84  Sleep, CaradhrasGandalfEvent                   
          1C85  Strength of SpiritGandalfEvent                   
          1C86  Treachery Deeper Than You KnowGandalfEvent                   
          1R87  A Wizard Is Never LateGandalfEvent                   
          1R88  An Able GuideGondorEvent                   
          1R89  •Aragorn, Ranger of the NorthGondorCompanion                   
          1R90  •Aragorn's BowGondorPossession                   
          1U91  •Aragorn's PipeGondorPossession                   
          1C92  ArmorGondorPossession                   
          1R93  Arwen's FateGondorEvent                   
          1U94  AthelasGondorPossession                   
          1R95  •Blade of GondorGondorPossession                   
          1R96  •Boromir, Lord of GondorGondorCompanion                   
          1U97  •Boromir, Son of DenethorGondorCompanion                   
          1U98  •Boromir's CloakGondorPossession                   
          1R99  Change of PlansGondorEvent                   
          1R100  •The Choice of LúthienGondorCondition                   
          1C101  Coat of MailGondorPossession                   
          1C102  Dagger StrikeGondorEvent                   
          1C103  Elendil's ValorGondorEvent                   
          1C104  Eregion's TrailsGondorEvent                   
          1U105  Foes of MordorGondorCondition                   
          1C106  Gondor's VengeanceGondorEvent                   
          1C107  Great ShieldGondorPossession                   
          1U108  No Stranger to the ShadowsGondorCondition                   
          1U109  One Whom Men Would FollowGondorEvent                   
          1C110  PathfinderGondorEvent                   
          1R111  Pursuit Just BehindGondorEvent                   
          1U112  •Ranger's SwordGondorPossession                   
          1U113  A Ranger's VersatilityGondorEvent                   
          1R114  •The Saga of ElendilGondorCondition                   
          1R115  Strength of KingsGondorEvent                   
          1C116  Swordarm of the White TowerGondorEvent                   
          1C117  Swordsman of the Northern KingdomGondorEvent                   
          1R118  Valiant Man of the WestGondorEvent                   
          1C119  What Are They?GondorEvent                   
          1R120  Alive and UnspoiledIsengardCondition                   
          1C121  Bred for BattleIsengardEvent                   
          1C122  Breeding PitIsengardEvent                   
          1R123  Caradhras Has Not Forgiven UsIsengardEvent                   
          1R124  Cruel CaradhrasIsengardEvent                   
          1R125  GreedIsengardCondition                   
          1U126  Hunt Them Down!IsengardEvent                   
          1R127  •Lurtz, Servant of IsengardIsengardMinion                   
          1R128  Lurtz's Battle CryIsengardEvent                   
          1R129  The Misadventure of Mr. UnderhillIsengardCondition                   
          1U130  No Ordinary StormIsengardCondition                   
          1R131  •Orthanc AssassinIsengardMinion                   
          1R132  ParryIsengardEvent                   
          1C133  Saruman's AmbitionIsengardCondition                   
          1C134  Saruman's ChillIsengardCondition                   
          1U135  Saruman's FrostIsengardCondition                   
          1U136  Saruman's PowerIsengardEvent                   
          1R137  Saruman's ReachIsengardEvent                   
          1C138  Saruman's SnowsIsengardCondition                   
          1R139  Savagery to Match Their NumbersIsengardEvent                   
          1R140  Spies of SarumanIsengardCondition                   
          1C141  Their Arrows EnrageIsengardCondition                   
          1U142  Traitor's VoiceIsengardCondition                   
          1R143  Troop of Uruk-haiIsengardMinion                   
          1C144  Uruk BloodlustIsengardCondition                   
          1C145  Uruk BroodIsengardMinion                   
          1C146  Uruk FighterIsengardMinion                   
          1R147  Uruk GuardIsengardMinion                   
          1R148  Uruk LieutenantIsengardMinion                   
          1C149  Uruk MessengerIsengardMinion                   
          1C150  Uruk RagerIsengardMinion                   
          1C151  Uruk SavageIsengardMinion                   
          1C152  Uruk ShamanIsengardMinion                   
          1U153  Uruk SlayerIsengardMinion                   
          1C154  Uruk SoldierIsengardMinion                   
          1R155  Uruk SpyIsengardMinion                   
          1C156  Uruk WarriorIsengardMinion                   
          1C157  Uruk-hai ArmoryIsengardCondition                   
          1C158  Uruk-hai Raiding PartyIsengardMinion                   
          1U159  Uruk-hai RampageIsengardCondition                   
          1C160  Uruk-hai SwordIsengardPossession                   
          1U161  WarinessIsengardEvent                   
          1U162  •WorryIsengardCondition                   
          1R163  •Ancient ChieftainMoriaMinion                   
          1U164  Bitter HatredMoriaEvent                   
          1R165  •Cave Troll of Moria, Scourge of the Black PitMoriaMinion                   
          1R166  •Cave Troll's HammerMoriaPossession                   
          1R167  Denizens EnragedMoriaEvent                   
          1C168  Drums in the DeepMoriaEvent                   
          1R169  The End ComesMoriaEvent                   
          1R170  Fool of a Took!MoriaEvent                   
          1C171  FrenzyMoriaEvent                   
          1R172  Goblin ArcherMoriaMinion                   
          1R173  Goblin ArmoryMoriaCondition                   
          1C174  Goblin BackstabberMoriaMinion                   
          1R175  Goblin DomainMoriaCondition                   
          1C176  Goblin MarksmanMoriaMinion                   
          1C177  Goblin Patrol TroopMoriaMinion                   
          1U178  Goblin RunnerMoriaMinion                   
          1C179  Goblin ScavengersMoriaMinion                   
          1C180  Goblin ScimitarMoriaPossession                   
          1U181  Goblin SneakMoriaMinion                   
          1C182  Goblin SpearMoriaPossession                   
          1R183  Goblin SwarmsMoriaCondition                   
          1C184  Goblin WallcrawlerMoriaMinion                   
          1C185  Goblin WarriorMoriaMinion                   
          1R186  •Guard CommanderMoriaMinion                   
          1C187  Host of ThousandsMoriaEvent                   
          1U188  •The Long DarkMoriaCondition                   
          1R189  Lost to the GoblinsMoriaEvent                   
          1R190  Moria AxeMoriaPossession                   
          1C191  Moria ScoutMoriaMinion                   
          1C192  Pinned DownMoriaCondition                   
          1C193  Plundered ArmoriesMoriaCondition                   
          1U194  RelentlessMoriaEvent                   
          1R195  Relics of MoriaMoriaCondition                   
          1C196  They Are ComingMoriaCondition                   
          1C197  Threat of the UnknownMoriaEvent                   
          1U198  Through the Misty MountainsMoriaCondition                   
          1R199  •Troll's KeywardMoriaMinion                   
          1R200  The Underdeeps of MoriaMoriaCondition                   
          1C201  Unfamiliar TerritoryMoriaEvent                   
          1U202  What Is This New Devilry?MoriaCondition                   
          1U203  All Blades PerishRingwraithEvent                   
          1R204  All Veils RemovedRingwraithEvent                   
          1R205  Beauty Is FadingRingwraithEvent                   
          1R206  Bent on DiscoveryRingwraithCondition                   
          1U207  Black BreathRingwraithCondition                   
          1R208  Black SteedRingwraithPossession                   
          1U209  Blade TipRingwraithCondition                   
          1R210  Dark WhispersRingwraithEvent                   
          1U211  Drawn to Its PowerRingwraithCondition                   
          1R212  FearRingwraithEvent                   
          1U213  Frozen by FearRingwraithEvent                   
          1R214  In the Ringwraith's WakeRingwraithEvent                   
          1U215  The Master's WillRingwraithEvent                   
          1R216  Morgul BladeRingwraithPossession                   
          1R217  Morgul GatesRingwraithEvent                   
          1U218  Nazgûl SwordRingwraithPossession                   
          1U219  The Nine Servants of SauronRingwraithCondition                   
          1U220  Not Easily DestroyedRingwraithCondition                   
          1R221  •The Pale BladeRingwraithPossession                   
          1U222  Paths Seldom TroddenRingwraithCondition                   
          1U223  Relentless ChargeRingwraithEvent                   
          1R224  Return to Its MasterRingwraithEvent                   
          1U225  •Sword of Minas MorgulRingwraithPossession                   
          1U226  Their Power Is in TerrorRingwraithEvent                   
          1U227  Threshold of ShadowRingwraithEvent                   
          1R228  The Twilight WorldRingwraithEvent                   
          1R229  •Úlairë Attëa, Keeper of Dol GuldurRingwraithMinion                   
          1R230  •Úlairë Cantëa, Lieutenant of Dol GuldurRingwraithMinion                   
          1U231  •Úlairë Enquëa, Lieutenant of MorgulRingwraithMinion                   
          1U232  •Úlairë Lemenya, Lieutenant of MorgulRingwraithMinion                   
          1U233  •Úlairë Nelya, Lieutenant of MorgulRingwraithMinion                   
          1U234  •Úlairë Nertëa, Messenger of Dol GuldurRingwraithMinion                   
          1U235  •Úlairë Ostëa, Lieutenant of MorgulRingwraithMinion                   
          1R236  •Úlairë Toldëa, Messenger of MorgulRingwraithMinion                   
          1R237  •The Witch-king, Lord of AngmarRingwraithMinion                   
          1U238  Wreathed in ShadowRingwraithCondition                   
          1U239  All Thought Bent on ItSauronEvent                   
          1R240  Band of the EyeSauronMinion                   
          1U241  Curse From MordorSauronEvent                   
          1U242  The Dark Lord's SummonsSauronCondition                   
          1R243  DespairSauronEvent                   
          1R244  Desperate Defense of the RingSauronCondition                   
          1R245  Desperate MeasuresSauronEvent                   
          1R246  Enduring EvilSauronEvent                   
          1R247  Enheartened FoeSauronEvent                   
          1C248  Forces of MordorSauronEvent                   
          1U249  Gleaming Spires Will CrumbleSauronCondition                   
          1R250  HateSauronEvent                   
          1U251  A Host Avails LittleSauronEvent                   
          1R252  The Irresistible ShadowSauronCondition                   
          1R253  Journey Into DangerSauronCondition                   
          1R254  Mordor EnragedSauronCondition                   
          1C255  Mordor's StrengthSauronEvent                   
          1R256  Morgul HunterSauronMinion                   
          1U257  Morgul SkirmisherSauronMinion                   
          1U258  Morgul SkulkerSauronMinion                   
          1R259  •Morgul WardenSauronMinion                   
          1U260  The Number Must Be FewSauronCondition                   
          1C261  Orc AmbusherSauronMinion                   
          1U262  Orc AssassinSauronMinion                   
          1R263  Orc BannerSauronCondition                   
          1R264  Orc BowmenSauronCondition                   
          1R265  Orc ButcherySauronEvent                   
          1C266  Orc ChieftainSauronMinion                   
          1U267  Orc HuntersSauronMinion                   
          1C268  Orc InquisitorSauronMinion                   
          1C269  Orc ScimitarSauronPossession                   
          1U270  Orc Scouting BandSauronMinion                   
          1C271  Orc SoldierSauronMinion                   
          1R272  Orc War BandSauronMinion                   
          1C273  The Ring's OppressionSauronEvent                   
          1U274  Sauron's DefensesSauronCondition                   
          1U275  Seeking It AlwaysSauronCondition                   
          1R276  Seeking Its MasterSauronCondition                   
          1C277  Shadow's ReachSauronEvent                   
          1C278  Strength Born of FearSauronCondition                   
          1R279  •Thin and StretchedSauronCondition                   
          1U280  •Tower LieutenantSauronMinion                   
          1C281  Under the Watching EyeSauronCondition                   
          1R282  The Weight of a LegacySauronCondition                   
          1C283  You Bring Great EvilSauronCondition                   
          1R284  •Bilbo Baggins, Retired AdventurerShireAlly                   
          1U285  •Bilbo's PipeShirePossession                   
          1C286  BounderShireAlly                   
          1C287  Extraordinary ResilienceShireEvent                   
          1R288  •Farmer Maggot, Chaser of RascalsShireAlly                   
          1R289  •Frodo, Old Bilbo's HeirShireCompanion                   
          1C290  •Frodo, Son of DrogoShireCompanion                   
          1R291  •The Gaffer, Sam's FatherShireAlly                   
          1U292  •The Gaffer's PipeShirePossession                   
          1U293  Halfling DeftnessShireEvent                   
          1C294  Hobbit AppetiteShireEvent                   
          1C295  Hobbit FarmerShireAlly                   
          1C296  Hobbit IntuitionShireEvent                   
          1C297  Hobbit Party GuestShireAlly                   
          1C298  Hobbit StealthShireEvent                   
          1C299  Hobbit SwordShirePossession                   
          1C300  Longbottom LeafShirePossession                   
          1U301  •Master Proudfoot, Distant Relative of BilboShireAlly                   
          1R302  •Merry, Friend to SamShireCompanion                   
          1C303  •Merry, From O'er the BrandywineShireCompanion                   
          1C304  Noble IntentionsShireEvent                   
          1C305  Old TobyShirePossession                   
          1C306  •Pippin, Friend to FrodoShireCompanion                   
          1R307  •Pippin, Hobbit of Some IntelligenceShireCompanion                   
          1R308  Power According to His StatureShireEvent                   
          1U309  •Rosie Cotton, Hobbiton LassShireAlly                   
          1R310  •Sam, Faithful CompanionShireCompanion                   
          1C311  •Sam, Son of HamfastShireCompanion                   
          1C312  Sorry About EverythingShireEvent                   
          1R313  •StingShirePossession                   
          1R314  Stone TrollsShireCondition                   
          1C315  Stout and SturdyShireEvent                   
          1U316  •A Talent for Not Being SeenShireCondition                   
          1C317  •There and Back AgainShireCondition                   
          1R318  •Thrór's MapShirePossession                   
          1U319  Bag End Site                   
          1U320  East Road Site                   
          1U321  Farmer Maggot's Fields Site                   
          1U322  Green Dragon Inn Site                   
          1U323  Green Hill Country Site                   
          1U324  The Prancing Pony Site                   
          1U325  Shire Lookout Point Site                   
          1C326  Westfarthing Site                   
          1U327  Bree Gate Site                   
          1U328  Bree Streets Site                   
          1U329  Breeland Forest Site                   
          1U330  Buckleberry Ferry Site                   
          1C331  Ettenmoors Site                   
          1U332  Midgewater Marshes Site                   
          1U333  Midgewater Moors Site                   
          1U334  Trollshaw Forest Site                   
          1U335  Weatherhills Site                   
          1U336  Weathertop Site                   
          1C337  Council Courtyard Site                   
          1U338  Ford of Bruinen Site                   
          1U339  Frodo's Bedroom Site                   
          1U340  Rivendell Terrace Site                   
          1U341  Rivendell Valley Site                   
          1U342  Rivendell Waterfall Site                   
          1U343  Balin's Tomb Site                   
          1U344  Dwarrowdelf Chamber Site                   
          1U345  Mithril Mine Site                   
          1C346  Moria Lake Site                   
          1U347  Moria Stairway Site                   
          1U348  Pass of Caradhras Site                   
          1C349  The Bridge of Khazad-dûm Site                   
          1U350  Dimrill Dale Site                   
          1C351  Galadriel's Glade Site                   
          1U352  Lothlórien Woods Site                   
          1U353  Anduin Confluence Site                   
          1C354  Anduin Wilderland Site                   
          1U355  Silverlode Banks Site                   
          1C356  Anduin Banks Site                   
          1U357  Brown Lands Site                   
          1U358  Pillars of the Kings Site                   
          1U359  Shores of Nen Hithoel Site                   
          1U360  Emyn Muil Site                   
          1U361  Slopes of Amon Hen Site                   
          1C362  Summit of Amon Hen Site                   
          1U363  Tol Brandir Site                   
          1P364  •Gandalf, The Grey WizardGandalfCompanion                   
          1P365  •Aragorn, King in ExileGondorCompanion                   
          2R1  Beneath the MountainsDwarvenCondition                   
          2C2  Disquiet of Our PeopleDwarvenEvent                   
          2U3  Dwarven BracersDwarvenPossession                   
          2U4  Endurance of DwarvesDwarvenCondition                   
          2C5  Flurry of BlowsDwarvenEvent                   
          2C6  •Frór, Gimli's KinsmanDwarvenCompanion                   
          2R7  •Glóin, Friend to ThorinDwarvenCompanion                   
          2U8  Golden Light on the LandDwarvenCondition                   
          2C9  Great Works Begun ThereDwarvenCondition                   
          2C10  Hand AxeDwarvenPossession                   
          2R11  Make Light of BurdensDwarvenCondition                   
          2R12  •Realm of DwarrowdelfDwarvenCondition                   
          2U13  Tidings of EreborDwarvenEvent                   
          2C14  Till Durin Wakes AgainDwarvenCondition                   
          2R15  What Are We Waiting For?DwarvenEvent                   
          2U16  A Blended RaceElvenCondition                   
          2U17  Dismay Our EnemiesElvenEvent                   
          2U18  Hosts of the Last AllianceElvenCondition                   
          2R19  Release the Angry FloodElvenEvent                   
          2R20  Secret SentinelsElvenEvent                   
          2C21  •Erland, Advisor to BrandGandalfAlly                   
          2R22  •Gandalf's StaffGandalfArtifact                   
          2C23  Gandalf's WisdomGandalfCondition                   
          2C24  •Hugin, Emissary from LaketownGandalfAlly                   
          2R25  •Járnsmid, Merchant from DaleGandalfAlly                   
          2C26  Speak "Friend" and EnterGandalfEvent                   
          2R27  Staff AsunderGandalfEvent                   
          2U28  Wielder of the FlameGandalfEvent                   
          2C29  Wizard StaffGandalfPossession                   
          2U30  You Cannot Pass!GandalfEvent                   
          2U31  Blood of NúmenorGondorCondition                   
          2R32  Flaming BrandGondorPossession                   
          2U33  Flee in TerrorGondorEvent                   
          2U34  Gondor Will See It DoneGondorEvent                   
          2C35  Natural CoverGondorCondition                   
          2R36  No Mere RangerGondorEvent                   
          2C37  Sentinels of NúmenorGondorEvent                   
          2R38  •Shield of BoromirGondorPossession                   
          2R39  Beyond the Height of MenIsengardEvent                   
          2C40  Demands of the Sackville-BagginsesIsengardCondition                   
          2U41  Evil AfootIsengardEvent                   
          2C42  Goblin ManIsengardMinion                   
          2R43  •Lurtz's SwordIsengardPossession                   
          2C44  No Business of OursIsengardCondition                   
          2R45  Too Much AttentionIsengardEvent                   
          2R46  •Uruk CaptainIsengardMinion                   
          2C47  Uruk ScoutIsengardMinion                   
          2U48  Wizard StormIsengardCondition                   
          2R49  •Archer CommanderMoriaMinion                   
          2R50  •The Balrog's SwordMoriaArtifact                   
          2C51  •The Balrog, Durin's BaneMoriaMinion                   
          2R52  •The Balrog, Flame of UdûnMoriaMinion                   
          2R53  •Cave Troll's ChainMoriaPossession                   
          2U54  Dark FireMoriaCondition                   
          2C55  Dark PlacesMoriaCondition                   
          2U56  Fill With FearMoriaCondition                   
          2R57  Final CryMoriaEvent                   
          2C58  Foul TentacleMoriaMinion                   
          2U59  Foul ThingsMoriaEvent                   
          2C60  Goblin BowmanMoriaMinion                   
          2C61  Goblin FlankersMoriaMinion                   
          2C62  Goblin PursuerMoriaMinion                   
          2C63  Goblin ReinforcementsMoriaMinion                   
          2C64  Goblin ScrabblerMoriaMinion                   
          2C65  Goblin SpearmanMoriaMinion                   
          2R66  Huge TentacleMoriaMinion                   
          2U67  Moria Archer TroopMoriaMinion                   
          2U68  Must Do Without HopeMoriaEvent                   
          2C69  Old DifferencesMoriaEvent                   
          2U70  Power and TerrorMoriaEvent                   
          2U71  Throw Yourself in Next TimeMoriaCondition                   
          2U72  Troubled MountainsMoriaEvent                   
          2R73  •Watcher in the Water, Keeper of WestgateMoriaMinion                   
          2R74  •Whip of Many ThongsMoriaArtifact                   
          2R75  •Bill Ferny, Swarthy Sneering FellowRingwraithMinion                   
          2U76  HelplessRingwraithCondition                   
          2R77  His Terrible ServantsRingwraithCondition                   
          2U78  It Wants to be FoundRingwraithEvent                   
          2U79  Resistance Becomes UnbearableRingwraithEvent                   
          2R80  Stricken DumbRingwraithEvent                   
          2U81  They Will Find the RingRingwraithEvent                   
          2U82  •Úlairë Attëa, The EasterlingRingwraithMinion                   
          2U83  •Úlairë Enquëa, Ringwraith in TwilightRingwraithMinion                   
          2R84  •Úlairë Nelya, Ringwraith in TwilightRingwraithMinion                   
          2R85  •The Witch-king, Lord of the NazgûlRingwraithMinion                   
          2R86  Wraith-worldRingwraithEvent                   
          2U87  The Eye of SauronSauronEvent                   
          2C88  Memory of Many ThingsSauronEvent                   
          2C89  Orc ScoutSauronMinion                   
          2C90  Orc TaskmasterSauronMinion                   
          2C91  Southern SpiesSauronEvent                   
          2U92  Spies of MordorSauronCondition                   
          2R93  •Tower AssassinSauronMinion                   
          2R94  Verily I ComeSauronCondition                   
          2C95  Vile BladeSauronPossession                   
          2U96  •Bilbo Baggins, Well-spoken GentlehobbitShireAlly                   
          2R97  Consorting With WizardsShireCondition                   
          2U98  Dear FriendsShireEvent                   
          2C99  Deft in Their MovementsShireEvent                   
          2R100  Fearing the WorstShireCondition                   
          2C101  •Filibert Bolger, Wily RascalShireAlly                   
          2C102  •Frodo, Reluctant AdventurerShireCompanion                   
          2U103  Hobbit Sword-playShireEvent                   
          2C104  •Merry, HorticulturalistShireCompanion                   
          2R105  •Mithril-coatShireArtifact                   
          2U106  Nice ImitationShireCondition                   
          2U107  Not Feared in SunlightShireCondition                   
          2R108  •O Elbereth! Gilthoniel!ShireCondition                   
          2R109  Orc-baneShireEvent                   
          2C110  •Pippin, Mr. TookShireCompanion                   
          2U111  Practically Everyone Was InvitedShireEvent                   
          2R112  A PromiseShireCondition                   
          2R113  •Red Book of WestmarchShirePossession                   
          2C114  •Sam, Proper PoetShireCompanion                   
          2U115  Hobbiton Party Field Site                   
          2U116  Hobbiton Woods Site                   
          2C117  Town Center Site                   
          2U118  Great Chasm Site                   
          2C119  Hollin Site                   
          2U120  Valley of the Silverlode Site                   
          2P121  •Gimli, Dwarf of the Mountain-raceDwarvenCompanion                   
          2P122  •Gandalf, The Grey PilgrimGandalfCompanion                   
          3C1  •Book of MazarbulDwarvenPossession                   
          3U2  •Gimli's PipeDwarvenPossession                   
          3R3  Mines of Khazad-DûmDwarvenCondition                   
          3U4  A Royal WelcomeDwarvenCondition                   
          3U5  Song of DurinDwarvenCondition                   
          3C6  Storm of ArgumentDwarvenEvent                   
          3U7  •Arwen, Elven RiderElvenCompanion                   
          3R8  •Arwen, Lady UndómielElvenCompanion                   
          3U9  Beren and LúthienElvenCondition                   
          3U10  •Calaglin, Elf of LórienElvenAlly                   
          3C11  Cast It Into the Fire!ElvenEvent                   
          3U12  •Dínendal, Silent ScoutElvenAlly                   
          3R13  •Elrond, Herald to Gil-galadElvenAlly                   
          3U14  •Erestor, Chief Advisor to ElrondElvenAlly                   
          3R15  Forests of LothlórienElvenCondition                   
          3C16  Friends of OldElvenEvent                   
          3R17  •Galadriel, Lady of the Golden WoodElvenAlly                   
          3U18  •Galdor, Councilor From the WestElvenAlly                   
          3R19  •Gift of the EvenstarElvenCondition                   
          3U20  •Golradir, Councilor of ImladrisElvenAlly                   
          3R21  •Long-knives of LegolasElvenPossession                   
          3C22  Master of HealingElvenEvent                   
          3R23  •NenyaElvenArtifact                   
          3U24  •Phial of GaladrielElvenPossession                   
          3U25  •Saelbeth, Elven CouncilorElvenAlly                   
          3U26  Something Draws NearElvenEvent                   
          3R27  •VilyaElvenArtifact                   
          3C28  Voice of NimrodelElvenEvent                   
          3R29  Betrayal of IsengardGandalfCondition                   
          3C30  Deep in ThoughtGandalfEvent                   
          3C31  Depart SilentlyGandalfEvent                   
          3C32  FireworksGandalfEvent                   
          3C33  His First Serious CheckGandalfEvent                   
          3R34  •NaryaGandalfArtifact                   
          3U35  Trust Me as You Once DidGandalfCondition                   
          3R36  Unknown PerilsGandalfCondition                   
          3C37  Answering the CriesGondorCondition                   
          3R38  •Aragorn, Heir to the White CityGondorCompanion                   
          3R39  Banner of the White TreeGondorEvent                   
          3R40  Citadel of Minas TirithGondorCondition                   
          3R41  Gondor BowmenGondorCondition                   
          3R42  •Horn of BoromirGondorPossession                   
          3C43  Might of NúmenorGondorEvent                   
          3R44  •The Shards of NarsilGondorArtifact                   
          3U45  Some Who ResistedGondorEvent                   
          3U46  Still SharpGondorEvent                   
          3U47  Voice of RaurosGondorEvent                   
          3R48  We Must Go WarilyGondorEvent                   
          3C49  Abandoning Reason for MadnessIsengardEvent                   
          3R50  Can You Protect Me From Yourself?IsengardEvent                   
          3C51  Coming for the RingIsengardEvent                   
          3R52  A Fell Voice on the AirIsengardCondition                   
          3U53  Hate and AngerIsengardEvent                   
          3R54  Hollowing of IsengardIsengardCondition                   
          3C55  Isengard AxeIsengardPossession                   
          3C56  Isengard ForgerIsengardMinion                   
          3U57  Isengard RetainerIsengardMinion                   
          3U58  Isengard ServantIsengardMinion                   
          3C59  Isengard ShamanIsengardMinion                   
          3U60  Isengard SmithIsengardMinion                   
          3U61  Isengard WarriorIsengardMinion                   
          3C62  Isengard WorkerIsengardMinion                   
          3C63  One of You Must Do ThisIsengardEvent                   
          3R64  •Orc CommanderIsengardMinion                   
          3R65  •Orc OverseerIsengardMinion                   
          3R66  •Orthanc BerserkerIsengardMinion                   
          3R67  •The Palantír of OrthancIsengardArtifact                   
          3R68  •Saruman, Keeper of IsengardIsengardMinion                   
          3C69  •Saruman, Servant of the EyeIsengardMinion                   
          3C70  Servants to SarumanIsengardEvent                   
          3R71  Tower of OrthancIsengardCondition                   
          3U72  Trapped and AloneIsengardCondition                   
          3U73  The Trees Are StrongIsengardEvent                   
          3C74  Uruk RaiderIsengardMinion                   
          3U75  Uruk RavagerIsengardMinion                   
          3C76  Dangerous GambleMoriaEvent                   
          3R77  Depths of MoriaMoriaCondition                   
          3C78  Hide and SeekMoriaEvent                   
          3U79  MaliceMoriaEvent                   
          3R80  Such a Little ThingMoriaEvent                   
          3R81  Gates of the Dead CityRingwraithCondition                   
          3U82  News of MordorRingwraithEvent                   
          3U83  •The Ring Draws ThemRingwraithCondition                   
          3C84  They Will Never Stop Hunting YouRingwraithEvent                   
          3R85  Too Great and TerribleRingwraithEvent                   
          3U86  •Úlairë Otsëa, Ringwraith in TwilightRingwraithMinion                   
          3C87  The Dark Lord AdvancesSauronEvent                   
          3U88  Get Off the Road!SauronEvent                   
          3U89  Gleaming in the SnowSauronEvent                   
          3C90  Hand of SauronSauronEvent                   
          3R91  His Cruelty and MaliceSauronCondition                   
          3U92  Massing in the EastSauronEvent                   
          3R93  Morgul SlayerSauronMinion                   
          3C94  Orc ButcherSauronMinion                   
          3C95  Orc GuardSauronMinion                   
          3U96  Orc PillagerSauronMinion                   
          3U97  Orc SlayerSauronMinion                   
          3C98  Orc SwordsmanSauronMinion                   
          3R99  Orc TrooperSauronMinion                   
          3U100  Orc VeteranSauronMinion                   
          3C101  Orc WarriorSauronMinion                   
          3R102  •Our List of Allies Grows ThinSauronCondition                   
          3R103  Terrible as the DawnSauronEvent                   
          3R104  Tower of Barad-dûrSauronCondition                   
          3R105  Why Shouldn't I Keep It?SauronEvent                   
          3C106  •Bill the PonyShirePossession                   
          3U107  •Frodo's PipeShirePossession                   
          3C108  Frying PanShirePossession                   
          3C109  Meant to Be AloneShireEvent                   
          3R110  •Melilot Brandybuck, Merry DancerShireAlly                   
          3U111  •Old Noakes, Purveyor of WisdomsShireAlly                   
          3C112  Seek and HideShireEvent                   
          3R113  The Shire CountrysideShireCondition                   
          3C114  Three Monstrous TrollsShireCondition                   
          3U115  Caras Galadhon Site                   
          3U116  Eregion Hills Site                   
          3C117  Gates of Argonath Site                   
          3C118  The Great River Site                   
          3U119  House of Elrond Site                   
          3U120  Wastes of Emyn Muil Site                   
          3P121  •Legolas, Son of ThranduilElvenCompanion                   
          3P122  •Boromir, Defender of Minas TirithGondorCompanion                   
          4R1  •The One Ring, Answer to All Riddles The One Ring                   
          4C2  •The One Ring, The Ruling Ring The One Ring                   
          4C3  AngerDunlandEvent                   
          4C4  Band of Wild MenDunlandMinion                   
          4C5  Burn Every VillageDunlandEvent                   
          4R6  Constantly ThreateningDunlandCondition                   
          4C7  Dark FuryDunlandEvent                   
          4U8  Death to the StrawheadsDunlandEvent                   
          4U9  Dunlending ArsonistDunlandMinion                   
          4C10  Dunlending BrigandDunlandMinion                   
          4U11  Dunlending LooterDunlandMinion                   
          4C12  Dunlending MadmanDunlandMinion                   
          4U13  Dunlending PillagerDunlandMinion                   
          4C14  Dunlending RansackerDunlandMinion                   
          4C15  Dunlending RavagerDunlandMinion                   
          4C16  Dunlending RobberDunlandMinion                   
          4C17  Dunlending SavageDunlandMinion                   
          4C18  Dunlending WarriorDunlandMinion                   
          4R19  HidesDunlandPossession                   
          4R20  •Hill ChiefDunlandMinion                   
          4C21  Hillman BandDunlandMinion                   
          4R22  •Hillman HordeDunlandMinion                   
          4R23  Hillman MobDunlandMinion                   
          4U24  Hillman RabbleDunlandMinion                   
          4C25  Hillman TribeDunlandMinion                   
          4C26  Iron AxeDunlandPossession                   
          4U27  Living Off RockDunlandCondition                   
          4U28  No DefenseDunlandCondition                   
          4R29  •No RefugeDunlandCondition                   
          4R30  No RetreatDunlandCondition                   
          4U31  •Over the IsenDunlandCondition                   
          4R32  Ravage the DefeatedDunlandEvent                   
          4R33  •Saruman, Rabble-rouserDunlandMinion                   
          4U34  •Secret FolkDunlandCondition                   
          4R35  Wake of DestructionDunlandEvent                   
          4U36  War ClubDunlandPossession                   
          4C37  War Cry of DunlandDunlandEvent                   
          4U38  Wild Man of DunlandDunlandMinion                   
          4R39  Wild Man RaidDunlandEvent                   
          4R40  •Wulf, Dunlending ChieftainDunlandMinion                   
          4R41  •Axe of EreborDwarvenPossession                   
          4C42  Best CompanyDwarvenEvent                   
          4U43  Come Here LadDwarvenEvent                   
          4C44  •Courtesy of My HallDwarvenCondition                   
          4R45  Dwarven ForesightDwarvenEvent                   
          4R46  •Ever My Heart RisesDwarvenCondition                   
          4U47  From the ArmoryDwarvenCondition                   
          4R48  •Gimli, LockbearerDwarvenCompanion                   
          4C49  •Gimli, Unbidden GuestDwarvenCompanion                   
          4C50  •Here Is Good RockDwarvenCondition                   
          4C51  Khazâd Ai-mênuDwarvenEvent                   
          4R52  •My Axe Is NotchedDwarvenCondition                   
          4U53  Quick As May BeDwarvenEvent                   
          4R54  Rest by Blind NightDwarvenEvent                   
          4R55  Restless AxeDwarvenEvent                   
          4C56  Search Far and WideDwarvenEvent                   
          4U57  •Stout and StrongDwarvenCondition                   
          4R58  Alliance ReforgedElvenEvent                   
          4U59  Arrow and BladeElvenEvent                   
          4U60  Blades DrawnElvenCondition                   
          4R61  Company of ArchersElvenEvent                   
          4U62  Elven BowElvenPossession                   
          4U63  Elven BroochElvenPossession                   
          4C64  Elven SwordElvenPossession                   
          4R65  •Erethón, Naith LieutenantElvenCompanion                   
          4U66  FeatheredElvenEvent                   
          4C67  •Fereveldir, Son of ThandronenElvenCompanion                   
          4C68  •Ferevellon, Son of ThandronenElvenCompanion                   
          4R69  •Final CountElvenCondition                   
          4C70  Flashing SteelElvenEvent                   
          4C71  •Haldir, Emissary of the GaladhrimElvenCompanion                   
          4R72  Killing FieldElvenCondition                   
          4R73  •Legolas, Dauntless HunterElvenCompanion                   
          4C74  •Legolas, Elven ComradeElvenCompanion                   
          4R75  LembasElvenPossession                   
          4C76  Lórien GuardianElvenCompanion                   
          4U77  Lórien Is Most WelcomeElvenCondition                   
          4C78  Lórien SwordsmanElvenCompanion                   
          4R79  Night Without EndElvenEvent                   
          4U80  •Ordulus, Young WarriorElvenCompanion                   
          4U81  •Pengedhel, Naith WarriorElvenCompanion                   
          4U82  •Strength of ArmsElvenCondition                   
          4C83  Supporting FireElvenEvent                   
          4R84  Sword-wallElvenEvent                   
          4C85  •Thandronen, Veteran ProtectorElvenCompanion                   
          4U86  •Thónnas, Naith CaptainElvenCompanion                   
          4C87  ValorElvenEvent                   
          4U88  •Behold the White RiderGandalfCondition                   
          4R89  •Gandalf, GreyhameGandalfCompanion                   
          4C90  •Gandalf, The White WizardGandalfCompanion                   
          4R91  •Gandalf's Staff, Walking StickGandalfArtifact                   
          4R92  Grown Suddenly TallGandalfEvent                   
          4C93  Have PatienceGandalfEvent                   
          4R94  •Hearken to MeGandalfCondition                   
          4R95  Into Dark TunnelsGandalfEvent                   
          4U96  Keep Your Forked TongueGandalfEvent                   
          4C97  Long I FellGandalfEvent                   
          4C98  Mithrandir, Mithrandir!GandalfEvent                   
          4U99  Roll of ThunderGandalfEvent                   
          4R100  •ShadowfaxGandalfPossession                   
          4U101  Stump and BrambleGandalfEvent                   
          4C102  Task Was Not DoneGandalfEvent                   
          4R103  •Treebeard, EarthbornGandalfAlly                   
          4C104  •Treebeard, Oldest Living ThingGandalfAlly                   
          4C105  Under the Living EarthGandalfEvent                   
          4R106  Well Met IndeedGandalfEvent                   
          4R107  Windows in a Stone WallGandalfCondition                   
          4U108  Wizardry IndeedGandalfEvent                   
          4C109  •Aragorn, Heir of ElendilGondorCompanion                   
          4U110  Arrows Thick in the AirGondorEvent                   
          4R111  •Boromir, My BrotherGondorCondition                   
          4C112  •Boromir's GauntletsGondorPossession                   
          4C113  Curse ThemGondorEvent                   
          4U114  •Damrod, Ranger of IthilienGondorCompanion                   
          4C115  Defend It and HopeGondorEvent                   
          4R116  •Faramir, Captain of GondorGondorCompanion                   
          4C117  •Faramir, Son of DenethorGondorCompanion                   
          4R118  •Faramir's BowGondorPossession                   
          4R119  •Faramir's CloakGondorPossession                   
          4R120  •Forbidden PoolGondorCondition                   
          4R121  •Forests of IthilienGondorCondition                   
          4C122  Gondorian RangerGondorCompanion                   
          4U123  Hard ChoiceGondorEvent                   
          4R124  Help in Doubt and NeedGondorCondition                   
          4R125  •Henneth AnnûnGondorCondition                   
          4U126  •Ithilien TrapGondorCondition                   
          4U127  •Mablung, Soldier of GondorGondorCompanion                   
          4C128  New ErrandGondorEvent                   
          4C129  PathfinderGondorEvent                   
          4C130  Ranger of IthilienGondorCompanion                   
          4C131  Ranger's BowGondorPossession                   
          4U132  •Ranger's Sword, Blade of AragornGondorPossession                   
          4R133  •Ruins of OsgiliathGondorCondition                   
          4C134  Sword of GondorGondorPossession                   
          4C135  War and ValorGondorEvent                   
          4U136  Advance Uruk PatrolIsengardMinion                   
          4C137  Attack on Helm's DeepIsengardCondition                   
          4U138  Band of Uruk BowmenIsengardMinion                   
          4R139  BanishedIsengardCondition                   
          4R140  Beyond All HopeIsengardEvent                   
          4C141  Beyond Dark MountainsIsengardEvent                   
          4C142  Broad-bladed SwordIsengardPossession                   
          4U143  Brought Back AliveIsengardEvent                   
          4R144  Burning of WestfoldIsengardCondition                   
          4C145  Cloud of ArrowsIsengardEvent                   
          4R146  Come DownIsengardCondition                   
          4U147  Covering FireIsengardCondition                   
          4U148  •Down to the Last ChildIsengardCondition                   
          4R149  Driven BackIsengardEvent                   
          4R150  •Elite CrossbowmenIsengardMinion                   
          4C151  FerocityIsengardEvent                   
          4U152  Get BackIsengardEvent                   
          4C153  •Gríma, Son of GalmódIsengardMinion                   
          4R154  •Gríma, WormtongueIsengardMinion                   
          4U155  Haunting Her StepsIsengardEvent                   
          4C156  Kill Them NowIsengardEvent                   
          4R157  LeechcraftIsengardCondition                   
          4R158  •Lieutenant of OrthancIsengardMinion                   
          4U159  Many RiddlesIsengardCondition                   
          4R160  •Mauhúr, Patrol LeaderIsengardMinion                   
          4U161  Men Will FallIsengardEvent                   
          4R162  New Power RisingIsengardEvent                   
          4R163  No Dawn for MenIsengardEvent                   
          4R164  •Orthanc ChampionIsengardMinion                   
          4C165  Orthanc WarriorIsengardMinion                   
          4R166  •The Palantír of Orthanc, Seventh Seeing-stoneIsengardArtifact                   
          4R167  Pillage of RohanIsengardCondition                   
          4R168  Race Across the MarkIsengardCondition                   
          4R169  •Ranged CommanderIsengardMinion                   
          4U170  •Ranks Without NumberIsengardCondition                   
          4R171  Rest While You CanIsengardCondition                   
          4R172  Rohan Is MineIsengardCondition                   
          4R173  •Saruman, Black TraitorIsengardMinion                   
          4R174  •Saruman's Staff, Wizard's DeviceIsengardArtifact                   
          4C175  Still They CameIsengardEvent                   
          4R176  •Uglúk, Servant of SarumanIsengardMinion                   
          4R177  •Uglúk's SwordIsengardPossession                   
          4C178  •Unferth, Gríma's BodyguardIsengardMinion                   
          4R179  Uruk Assault BandIsengardMinion                   
          4C180  Uruk BesiegerIsengardMinion                   
          4C181  Uruk ChaserIsengardMinion                   
          4U182  Uruk Crossbow TroopIsengardMinion                   
          4C183  Uruk CrossbowmanIsengardMinion                   
          4C184  Uruk DefenderIsengardMinion                   
          4C185  Uruk FanaticIsengardMinion                   
          4R186  Uruk FollowerIsengardMinion                   
          4C187  Uruk Foot SoldierIsengardMinion                   
          4U188  Uruk HunterIsengardMinion                   
          4C189  Uruk Plains RunnerIsengardMinion                   
          4C190  Uruk PursuerIsengardMinion                   
          4C191  Uruk Rear GuardIsengardMinion                   
          4C192  Uruk RegularIsengardMinion                   
          4C193  Uruk RunnerIsengardMinion                   
          4U194  Uruk SearcherIsengardMinion                   
          4C195  Uruk SeekerIsengardMinion                   
          4C196  Uruk SpearIsengardPossession                   
          4C197  Uruk StalkerIsengardMinion                   
          4C198  Uruk StormerIsengardMinion                   
          4R199  Uruk TrooperIsengardMinion                   
          4R200  Uruk VanguardIsengardMinion                   
          4U201  Uruk VeteranIsengardMinion                   
          4U202  Uruk-hai BandIsengardMinion                   
          4R203  Uruk-hai HordeIsengardMinion                   
          4C204  Uruk-hai MarauderIsengardMinion                   
          4U205  Uruk-hai MobIsengardMinion                   
          4C206  Uruk-hai PatrolIsengardMinion                   
          4C207  Uruk-hai Raiding PartyIsengardMinion                   
          4U208  VengeanceIsengardEvent                   
          4R209  Volley FireIsengardEvent                   
          4C210  We Are the Fighting Uruk-haiIsengardEvent                   
          4R211  Weapons of IsengardIsengardCondition                   
          4C212  WearyIsengardCondition                   
          4R213  What Did You Discover?IsengardCondition                   
          4R214  Where Has Gríma Stowed It?IsengardEvent                   
          4R215  WoundedIsengardCondition                   
          4U216  •Arrow From the SouthRaiderCondition                   
          4U217  •Desert LancersRaiderMinion                   
          4R218  •Desert LegionRaiderMinion                   
          4R219  •Desert LordRaiderMinion                   
          4U220  Desert SoldierRaiderMinion                   
          4C221  Desert SpearmanRaiderMinion                   
          4C222  Desert WarriorRaiderMinion                   
          4R223  DiscoveredRaiderEvent                   
          4C224  Easterling AxemanRaiderMinion                   
          4R225  •Easterling CaptainRaiderMinion                   
          4C226  Easterling GuardRaiderMinion                   
          4C227  Easterling InfantryRaiderMinion                   
          4C228  Easterling LieutenantRaiderMinion                   
          4R229  Easterling SkirmisherRaiderMinion                   
          4U230  Easterling TrooperRaiderMinion                   
          4R231  •Eastern Emyn MuilRaiderCondition                   
          4U232  Elite ArcherRaiderMinion                   
          4U233  FearlessRaiderEvent                   
          4U234  Flanking AttackRaiderEvent                   
          4C235  Gathering to the SummonsRaiderEvent                   
          4U236  Howl of HaradRaiderCondition                   
          4R237  •Ithilien WildernessRaiderCondition                   
          4R238  Men of HaradRaiderCondition                   
          4C239  Men of RhûnRaiderEvent                   
          4R240  New FearRaiderEvent                   
          4C241  On the MarchRaiderEvent                   
          4U242  Raiders From the EastRaiderCondition                   
          4R243  Rapid FireRaiderEvent                   
          4R244  •Regiment of HaradrimRaiderMinion                   
          4R245  Southron ArcherRaiderMinion                   
          4R246  Southron AssassinRaiderMinion                   
          4R247  Southron BowRaiderPossession                   
          4C248  Southron BowmanRaiderMinion                   
          4U249  Southron CommanderRaiderMinion                   
          4U250  Southron ExplorerRaiderMinion                   
          4R251  Southron FighterRaiderMinion                   
          4C252  Southron ScoutRaiderMinion                   
          4U253  Southron SentryRaiderMinion                   
          4C254  Southron SoldierRaiderMinion                   
          4C255  Southron SpearRaiderPossession                   
          4R256  Southron TroopRaiderMinion                   
          4R257  Southron VeteransRaiderMinion                   
          4C258  Southron WandererRaiderMinion                   
          4R259  Vision From AfarRaiderEvent                   
          4C260  Whirling StrikeRaiderEvent                   
          4R261  Wrath of HaradRaiderCondition                   
          4R262  •Aldor, Soldier of EdorasRohanAlly                   
          4U263  •BregoRohanPossession                   
          4U264  •Ceorl, Weary HorsemanRohanCompanion                   
          4C265  Elite RiderRohanCompanion                   
          4C266  •Éomer, Sister-son of ThéodenRohanCompanion                   
          4R267  •Éomer, Third Marshal of RiddermarkRohanCompanion                   
          4U268  •Éomer's SpearRohanPossession                   
          4R269  •Éothain, Scout of the MarkRohanCompanion                   
          4C270  •Éowyn, Lady of RohanRohanCompanion                   
          4R271  •Éowyn, Sister-daughter of ThéodenRohanCompanion                   
          4R272  •Éowyn's SwordRohanPossession                   
          4C273  Fight for the VillagersRohanEvent                   
          4R274  •FirefootRohanPossession                   
          4U275  Forth Eorlingas!RohanEvent                   
          4U276  •Fortress Never FallenRohanCondition                   
          4C277  •Guma, Plains FarmerRohanAlly                   
          4C278  Heavy ChainRohanPossession                   
          4R279  Helm! Helm!RohanEvent                   
          4U280  •HerugrimRohanPossession                   
          4C281  •Hlafwine, Village FarmhandRohanAlly                   
          4U282  An Honorable ChargeRohanEvent                   
          4C283  Horse of RohanRohanPossession                   
          4R284  •King's MailRohanPossession                   
          4U285  •Léod, Westfold HerdsmanRohanAlly                   
          4C286  Rider of RohanRohanCompanion                   
          4C287  Rider's MountRohanPossession                   
          4C288  Rider's SpearRohanPossession                   
          4R289  SimbelmynëRohanEvent                   
          4R290  Supplies of the MarkRohanCondition                   
          4C291  Sword of RohanRohanPossession                   
          4C292  •Théoden, Son of ThengelRohanCompanion                   
          4R293  Valleys of the MarkRohanCondition                   
          4R294  Weapon StoreRohanCondition                   
          4U295  •Weland, Smith of the RiddermarkRohanAlly                   
          4U296  Well StoredRohanCondition                   
          4C297  Work for the SwordRohanEvent                   
          4C298  Brace of ConeysShirePossession                   
          4R299  •Cliffs of Emyn MuilShireCondition                   
          4R300  EscapeShireCondition                   
          4R301  •Frodo, Courteous HalflingShireCompanion                   
          4C302  •Frodo, Tired TravellerShireCompanion                   
          4R303  •Frodo's CloakShirePossession                   
          4R304  Get On and Get AwayShireEvent                   
          4U305  •Good WorkShireCondition                   
          4C306  Hobbit SwordShirePossession                   
          4R307  Impatient and AngryShireEvent                   
          4C308  Knocked on the HeadShireEvent                   
          4U309  Light Shining FaintlyShireEvent                   
          4C310  •Merry, Learned GuideShireCompanion                   
          4R311  •Merry, Unquenchable HobbitShireCompanion                   
          4U312  Mind Your Own AffairsShireEvent                   
          4R313  •Pippin, Just a NuisanceShireCompanion                   
          4C314  •Pippin, Woolly-footed RascalShireCompanion                   
          4R315  •Sam, Frodo's GardenerShireCompanion                   
          4C316  •Sam, Samwise the BraveShireCompanion                   
          4R317  •Sam's PackShirePossession                   
          4U318  Seven We HadShireEvent                   
          4C319  Severed His BondsShireEvent                   
          4U320  Store-roomShireEvent                   
          4C321  Swiftly and SoftlyShireEvent                   
          4C322  Warmed Up a BitShireEvent                   
          4U323  East Wall of Rohan Site                   
          4U324  Eastemnet Downs Site                   
          4U325  Eastemnet Gullies Site                   
          4U326  Horse-country Site                   
          4U327  Plains of Rohan Site                   
          4U328  The Riddermark Site                   
          4U329  Western Emyn Muil Site                   
          4U330  Derndingle Site                   
          4U331  Eastfold Site                   
          4U332  Fangorn Forest Site                   
          4U333  Plains of Rohan Camp Site                   
          4U334  Rohirrim Village Site                   
          4U335  Uruk Camp Site                   
          4U336  Wold of Rohan Site                   
          4U337  Barrows of Edoras Site                   
          4U338  Golden Hall Site                   
          4U339  Stables Site                   
          4U340  Streets of Edoras Site                   
          4U341  Throne Room Site                   
          4U342  Westemnet Plains Site                   
          4U343  Ered Nimrais Site                   
          4U344  Westemnet Hills Site                   
          4U345  White Mountains Site                   
          4U346  White Rocks Site                   
          4U347  Deep of Helm Site                   
          4U348  Deeping Wall Site                   
          4U349  Helm's Gate Site                   
          4U350  Hornburg Courtyard Site                   
          4U351  Hornburg Parapet Site                   
          4U352  Caves of Aglarond Site                   
          4U353  Great Hall Site                   
          4U354  Hornburg Armory Site                   
          4U355  Cavern Entrance Site                   
          4U356  Hornburg Causeway Site                   
          4U357  King's Room Site                   
          4U358  Ring of Isengard Site                   
          4U359  Wizard's Vale Site                   
          4U360  Fortress of Orthanc Site                   
          4U361  Orthanc Balcony Site                   
          4U362  Orthanc Library Site                   
          4U363  Palantír Chamber Site                   
          4P364  •Aragorn, WingfootGondorCompanion                   
          4P365  •Théoden, Lord of the MarkRohanCompanion                   
          5U1  Dunlending RampagerDunlandMinion                   
          5U2  Dunlending RenegadeDunlandMinion                   
          5R3  Leaping BlazeDunlandEvent                   
          5R4  Wild Men of the HillsDunlandMinion                   
          5R5  Baruk KhazâdDwarvenEvent                   
          5C6  Defending the KeepDwarvenEvent                   
          5R7  •Gimli, Skilled DefenderDwarvenCompanion                   
          5U8  •Horn of HelmDwarvenPossession                   
          5U9  •More to My LikingDwarvenCondition                   
          5U10  •Balglin, Elven WarriorElvenCompanion                   
          5R11  Break the ChargeElvenEvent                   
          5U12  •Legolas' SwordElvenPossession                   
          5U13  •Taurnil, Sharp-eyed BowmanElvenCompanion                   
          5C14  That Is No Orc HornElvenEvent                   
          5U15  •Birchseed, Tall StatesmanGandalfCompanion                   
          5R16  Down From the HillsGandalfEvent                   
          5C17  Forest GuardianGandalfCompanion                   
          5R18  Fury of the White RiderGandalfEvent                   
          5R19  •Lindenroot, Elder ShepherdGandalfCompanion                   
          5U20  Turn of the TideGandalfEvent                   
          5R21  Be Back SoonGollumEvent                   
          5U22  Evil-smelling FensGollumCondition                   
          5U23  Follow SméagolGollumCondition                   
          5C24  •Gollum, Nasty Treacherous CreatureGollumMinion                   
          5R25  •Gollum, StinkerGollumMinion                   
          5U26  Look at HimGollumEvent                   
          5C27  Poor WretchGollumCondition                   
          5C28  •Sméagol, Old NoserGollumCompanion                   
          5R29  •Sméagol, SlinkerGollumCompanion                   
          5C30  We Must Have ItGollumEvent                   
          5R31  •Alcarin, Warrior of LamedonGondorCompanion                   
          5C32  •Citadel of the StarsGondorCondition                   
          5C33  City WallGondorCondition                   
          5U34  Fall BackGondorEvent                   
          5C35  Gondorian KnightGondorCompanion                   
          5C36  Knight of GondorGondorCompanion                   
          5C37  Men of NúmenorGondorEvent                   
          5U38  Rally PointGondorCondition                   
          5R39  •Stone TowerGondorCondition                   
          5C40  Take CoverGondorEvent                   
          5R41  These Are My PeopleGondorEvent                   
          5U42  •Turgon, Man of BelfalasGondorCompanion                   
          5C43  War Must BeGondorEvent                   
          5U44  Battering RamIsengardCondition                   
          5U45  •Berserk RagerIsengardMinion                   
          5R46  •Berserk SavageIsengardMinion                   
          5R47  •Berserk SlayerIsengardMinion                   
          5U48  Black Shapes CrawlingIsengardEvent                   
          5R49  •Devilry of OrthancIsengardCondition                   
          5R50  •Foul HordeIsengardMinion                   
          5R51  •Gríma, Chief CounselorIsengardMinion                   
          5C52  Isengard FlankerIsengardMinion                   
          5C53  Isengard RiderIsengardMinion                   
          5U54  Isengard ScimitarIsengardPossession                   
          5U55  Isengard Scout TroopIsengardMinion                   
          5R56  •Saruman, Master of Foul FolkIsengardMinion                   
          5U57  Scaling LadderIsengardCondition                   
          5R58  •Sharku, Warg-captainIsengardMinion                   
          5R59  •Sharku's WargIsengardPossession                   
          5U60  Siege EngineIsengardCondition                   
          5C61  Uruk EngineerIsengardMinion                   
          5C62  Uruk SapperIsengardMinion                   
          5U63  Uruk-hai BerserkerIsengardMinion                   
          5U64  War-wargIsengardPossession                   
          5C65  WargIsengardPossession                   
          5C66  Warg-masterIsengardMinion                   
          5C67  Warg-riderIsengardMinion                   
          5C68  Wolf-voicesIsengardEvent                   
          5R69  Wolves of IsengardIsengardCondition                   
          5R70  •Army of HaradrimRaiderMinion                   
          5R71  Company of HaradrimRaiderMinion                   
          5R72  Desert StalkerRaiderMinion                   
          5C73  MûmakRaiderPossession                   
          5C74  Southron MarcherRaiderMinion                   
          5C75  Southron RunnerRaiderMinion                   
          5C76  Southron TravelerRaiderMinion                   
          5U77  Strength in NumbersRaiderCondition                   
          5R78  War MûmakRaiderPossession                   
          5U79  •ArmoryRohanCondition                   
          5U80  •Arrow-slitsRohanCondition                   
          5C81  •Ecglaf, Courageous FarmerRohanAlly                   
          5R82  •Gamling, Warrior of RohanRohanCompanion                   
          5C83  Household GuardRohanCompanion                   
          5R84  I Am HereRohanEvent                   
          5C85  Let Us Be SwiftRohanEvent                   
          5R86  No Rest for the WearyRohanEvent                   
          5U87  •ParapetRohanCondition                   
          5C88  Rohirrim BowRohanPossession                   
          5R89  Rohirrim HelmRohanPossession                   
          5C90  Rohirrim ScoutRohanCompanion                   
          5C91  Rohirrim ShieldRohanPossession                   
          5U92  •Sigewulf, Brave VolunteerRohanAlly                   
          5C93  •Théoden, King of the Golden HallRohanCompanion                   
          5R94  Thundering HostRohanCondition                   
          5R95  •Dead MarshesSauronCondition                   
          5R96  Eye of Barad-DûrSauronEvent                   
          5C97  Gate SoldierSauronMinion                   
          5C98  Gate TrooperSauronMinion                   
          5C99  Gate VeteranSauronMinion                   
          5R100  •Grishnákh, Orc CaptainSauronMinion                   
          5U101  I'd Make You SqueakSauronCondition                   
          5R102  •MorannonSauronCondition                   
          5R103  Orc CaptainSauronMinion                   
          5U104  •Orc CutthroatSauronMinion                   
          5U105  Orc FighterSauronMinion                   
          5C106  Orc InfantrySauronMinion                   
          5U107  •Orc PatrolSauronMinion                   
          5C108  Orc PursuerSauronMinion                   
          5C109  Orc RunnerSauronMinion                   
          5U110  Teeth of MordorSauronCondition                   
          5U111  •Frodo, Master of the PreciousShireCompanion                   
          5R112  No Help for ItShireEvent                   
          5R113  No Use That WayShireEvent                   
          5U114  •Rare Good BallastShireCondition                   
          5U115  •Sam, Nice Sensible HobbitShireCompanion                   
          5R116  •Sting, Baggins HeirloomShirePossession                   
          5C117  You Must Help UsShireEvent                   
          5U118  Hornburg Wall Site                   
          5U119  Nan Curunír Site                   
          5U120  Caverns of Isengard Site                   
          5P121  •Legolas, Archer of MirkwoodElvenCompanion                   
          5P122  •Éowyn, Daughter of ÉomundRohanCompanion                   
          5R123  Baruk Khazâd (AI)DwarvenEvent                   
          5R124  Break the Charge (AI)ElvenEvent                   
          5R125  •Foul Horde (AI)IsengardMinion                   
          5R126  •Army of Haradrim (AI)RaiderMinion                   
          5R127  Rohirrim Helm (AI)RohanPossession                   
          5R128  Thundering Host (AI)RohanCondition                   
          6C1  •Bound By RageDunlandCondition                   
          6C2  Dunlending ElderDunlandMinion                   
          6C3  Dunlending FootmenDunlandMinion                   
          6C4  Dunlending HeadmanDunlandMinion                   
          6C5  Dunlending ReserveDunlandMinion                   
          6R6  Hill ClanDunlandMinion                   
          6R7  Ready to FallDunlandCondition                   
          6U8  Too Long Have These Peasants StoodDunlandEvent                   
          6U9  Lend Us Your AidDwarvenEvent                   
          6C10  •Suspended PalacesDwarvenCondition                   
          6R11  Toss MeDwarvenEvent                   
          6C12  •AgilityElvenCondition                   
          6U13  •Arwen, Evenstar of Her PeopleElvenCompanion                   
          6U14  Banner of ElberethElvenPossession                   
          6R15  •Elrond, Keeper of VilyaElvenAlly                   
          6U16  ForearmedElvenEvent                   
          6C17  ForewarnedElvenCondition                   
          6R18  •Galadriel, Keeper of NenyaElvenAlly                   
          6U19  Gift of ForesightElvenEvent                   
          6U20  Must Be a DreamElvenEvent                   
          6C21  Naith LongbowElvenPossession                   
          6U22  •Naith TroopElvenCompanion                   
          6R23  •Naith WarbandElvenCompanion                   
          6U24  Boomed and TrumpetedGandalfEvent                   
          6U25  Crack Into RubbleGandalfEvent                   
          6R26  EnragedGandalfCondition                   
          6C27  Ent AvengerGandalfCompanion                   
          6R28  •Ent HordeGandalfCompanion                   
          6C29  Ent MootGandalfCondition                   
          6R30  •Gandalf, MithrandirGandalfCompanion                   
          6R31  •Glamdring, Lightning BrandGandalfPossession                   
          6U32  •Host of FangornGandalfCompanion                   
          6C33  •Quickbeam, BregaladGandalfCompanion                   
          6C34  RousedGandalfEvent                   
          6R35  •Skinbark, FladrifGandalfCompanion                   
          6U36  Threw Down My EnemyGandalfEvent                   
          6C37  •Treebeard, Guardian of the ForestGandalfCompanion                   
          6C38  Don't Follow the LightsGollumEvent                   
          6R39  Don't Look at ThemGollumCondition                   
          6C40  •Gollum, Old VillainGollumMinion                   
          6R41  Master Broke His PromiseGollumEvent                   
          6C42  Nasty, Foul HobbitsesGollumEvent                   
          6C43  Not ListeningGollumEvent                   
          6R44  Safe PathsGollumEvent                   
          6C45  •Sméagol, Poor CreatureGollumCompanion                   
          6R46  They Stole ItGollumCondition                   
          6C47  You're a Liar and a ThiefGollumEvent                   
          6C48  •Anborn, Skilled HuntsmanGondorCompanion                   
          6R49  Ancient RoadsGondorCondition                   
          6R50  •Aragorn, Defender of Free PeoplesGondorCompanion                   
          6U51  Banner of WesternesseGondorPossession                   
          6C52  •Garrison of OsgiliathGondorCondition                   
          6C53  Mortal MenGondorEvent                   
          6U54  Perilous VenturesGondorEvent                   
          6R55  •Ring of BarahirGondorArtifact                   
          6C56  TrustGondorEvent                   
          6R57  Agents of OrthancIsengardMinion                   
          6U58  Assault LadderIsengardCondition                   
          6C59  Banner of IsengardIsengardPossession                   
          6R60  •Berserk ButcherIsengardMinion                   
          6U61  DesertionIsengardCondition                   
          6R62  Fires and Foul FumesIsengardEvent                   
          6U63  Gnawing, Biting, Hacking, BurningIsengardCondition                   
          6U64  Iron Fist of the OrcIsengardCondition                   
          6C65  Isengard ArtisanIsengardMinion                   
          6U66  Isengard BuilderIsengardMinion                   
          6C67  Isengard JourneymanIsengardMinion                   
          6R68  Isengard MechanicsIsengardMinion                   
          6C69  Isengard PlodderIsengardMinion                   
          6U70  Isengard TenderIsengardMinion                   
          6C71  Isengard TinkerIsengardMinion                   
          6C72  Rohirrim TraitorIsengardMinion                   
          6U73  ScaffoldingIsengardPossession                   
          6R74  •Sharku, Vile MarauderIsengardMinion                   
          6U75  Twisted TalesIsengardCondition                   
          6R76  •The Balrog, Terror of Flame and ShadowMoriaMinion                   
          6R77  •Durin's TowerMoriaCondition                   
          6R78  Easterling ArmyRaiderMinion                   
          6U79  Easterling PolearmRaiderPossession                   
          6R80  Southron Archer LegionRaiderMinion                   
          6C81  Southron InvadersRaiderMinion                   
          6R82  TrampleRaiderEvent                   
          6U83  Fell BeastRingwraithPossession                   
          6U84  Spied From AboveRingwraithCondition                   
          6R85  •Sword of Dol GuldurRingwraithPossession                   
          6U86  •Úlairë Lemenya, Winged HunterRingwraithMinion                   
          6U87  •Úlairë Nertëa, Winged HunterRingwraithMinion                   
          6R88  •Úlairë Toldëa, Winged SentryRingwraithMinion                   
          6R89  Winged and OminousRingwraithCondition                   
          6U90  Banner of the MarkRohanPossession                   
          6U91  Blood Has Been SpilledRohanCondition                   
          6R92  •Éomer, Rohirrim CaptainRohanCompanion                   
          6U93  Ever the Hope of MenRohanEvent                   
          6R94  •Háma, Doorward of ThéodenRohanCompanion                   
          6C95  •Hrethel, Rider of RohanRohanCompanion                   
          6R96  News From the MarkRohanEvent                   
          6C97  •We Left None AliveRohanCondition                   
          6C98  Banner of the EyeSauronPossession                   
          6C99  Corpse LightsSauronMinion                   
          6C100  Dead OnesSauronMinion                   
          6R101  •Gate PicketSauronMinion                   
          6C102  Gate SentrySauronMinion                   
          6R103  •Gate TrollSauronMinion                   
          6U104  •Orc InsurgentSauronMinion                   
          6U105  PerilSauronCondition                   
          6R106  Troll of UdûnSauronMinion                   
          6U107  Troll's ChainSauronPossession                   
          6C108  Wisp of Pale SheenSauronMinion                   
          6R109  HeldShireCondition                   
          6U110  It Burns UsShireEvent                   
          6C111  •Kept SafeShireCondition                   
          6C112  Long Slow WrathShireEvent                   
          6R113  •Merry, Impatient HobbitShireCompanion                   
          6R114  •Pippin, Hastiest of AllShireCompanion                   
          6U115  Rocks of Emyn Muil Site                   
          6U116  Westfold Site                   
          6U117  Meduseld Site                   
          6U118  Hornburg Hall Site                   
          6U119  Valley of Saruman Site                   
          6U120  Saruman's Laboratory Site                   
          6P121  •Faramir, Ithilien RangerGondorCompanion                   
          6P122  •The Witch-king, Deathless LordRingwraithMinion                   
          6R123  Enraged (AI)GandalfCondition                   
          6R124  •Skinbark, Fladrif (AI)GandalfCompanion                   
          6R125  Don't Look at Them (AI)GollumCondition                   
          6R126  Ancient Roads (AI)GondorCondition                   
          6R127  Isengard Mechanics (AI)IsengardMinion                   
          6R128  •Gate Troll (AI)SauronMinion                   
          7C1  •The One Ring, The Ruling Ring The One Ring                   
          7R2  •The One Ring, Such a Weight to Carry The One Ring                   
          7U3  Battle TestedDwarvenEvent                   
          7C4  Calculated RiskDwarvenEvent                   
          7R5  Dark WaysDwarvenCondition                   
          7C6  •Gimli, Faithful CompanionDwarvenCompanion                   
          7R7  •Gimli, Feared AxemanDwarvenCompanion                   
          7U8  •Gimli's ArmorDwarvenPossession                   
          7R9  •Gimli's Battle Axe, Trusted WeaponDwarvenPossession                   
          7R10  Loyalty UnshakenDwarvenCondition                   
          7C11  Out of DarknessDwarvenEvent                   
          7R12  PreparationsDwarvenCondition                   
          7U13  •Reckless PrideDwarvenCondition                   
          7U14  Slaked ThirstsDwarvenEvent                   
          7U15  •Ancient BladeElvenCondition                   
          7R16  •Arwen, Fair Elf MaidenElvenCompanion                   
          7R17  •Asfaloth, Elven SteedElvenPossession                   
          7R18  •Bow of the Galadhrim, Gift of GaladrielElvenPossession                   
          7U19  Careful StudyElvenEvent                   
          7C20  DefianceElvenEvent                   
          7R21  •Elrond, Elven LordElvenCompanion                   
          7R22  •Hope ComesElvenCondition                   
          7C23  Into the WestElvenCondition                   
          7R24  Leaving ForeverElvenCondition                   
          7R25  •Legolas, Fearless MarksmanElvenCompanion                   
          7C26  •Legolas, Nimble WarriorElvenCompanion                   
          7R27  Mirkwood BowmanElvenEvent                   
          7R28  •Shadow BetweenElvenCondition                   
          7C29  Still NeededElvenEvent                   
          7C30  Uncertain PathsElvenEvent                   
          7C31  All Save OneGandalfEvent                   
          7R32  The Board Is SetGandalfEvent                   
          7R33  Citadel to GateGandalfEvent                   
          7C34  Echoes of ValinorGandalfCondition                   
          7U35  Fool's HopeGandalfEvent                   
          7C36  •Gandalf, Defender of the WestGandalfCompanion                   
          7R37  •Gandalf, Manager of WizardsGandalfCompanion                   
          7R38  •Gandalf's Staff, Focus of PowerGandalfArtifact                   
          7R39  •Glamdring, Elven BladeGandalfPossession                   
          7C40  Have PatienceGandalfEvent                   
          7C41  IntimidateGandalfEvent                   
          7U42  King's AdvisorGandalfEvent                   
          7R43  Light the BeaconsGandalfEvent                   
          7R44  •Moment of RespiteGandalfCondition                   
          7U45  Númenor's PrideGandalfCondition                   
          7C46  Peace of MindGandalfEvent                   
          7U47  Sharpen Your SwordsGandalfEvent                   
          7R48  Stay This MadnessGandalfCondition                   
          7U49  •Steadfast ChampionGandalfCondition                   
          7R50  Terrible and EvilGandalfEvent                   
          7C51  UndauntedGandalfEvent                   
          7C52  Wizard StaffGandalfPossession                   
          7C53  Captured by the RingGollumEvent                   
          7U54  Clever HobbitsGollumEvent                   
          7U55  Days Growing DarkGollumCondition                   
          7R56  The Dead CityGollumCondition                   
          7R57  •Fat One Wants ItGollumCondition                   
          7R58  •Gollum, Plotting DeceiverGollumMinion                   
          7C59  •Gollum, Vile CreatureGollumMinion                   
          7U60  Heavy BurdenGollumCondition                   
          7R61  Hobbitses Are DeadGollumEvent                   
          7C62  It's MineGollumCondition                   
          7R63  Let Her Deal With ThemGollumCondition                   
          7U64  NastyGollumEvent                   
          7C65  NeverGollumCondition                   
          7R66  No Safe PlacesGollumEvent                   
          7R67  •PlottingGollumCondition                   
          7R68  ScoutingGollumCondition                   
          7R69  Secret PathsGollumCondition                   
          7R70  Serving the PreciousGollumEvent                   
          7R71  •Sméagol, Always HelpsGollumCompanion                   
          7C72  •Sméagol, Hurried GuideGollumCompanion                   
          7R73  Sneaking!GollumEvent                   
          7R74  So PoliteGollumEvent                   
          7C75  Sweeter MeatsGollumEvent                   
          7C76  Very Nice FriendsGollumEvent                   
          7U77  •We Hates ThemGollumCondition                   
          7U78  Where Shall We GoGollumEvent                   
          7R79  •Andúril, Flame of the WestGondorArtifact                   
          7R80  •Andúril, King's BladeGondorArtifact                   
          7C81  •Aragorn, Captain of GondorGondorCompanion                   
          7C82  •CirionGondorCompanion                   
          7C83  City of MenGondorEvent                   
          7C84  Dagger StrikeGondorEvent                   
          7R85  •Denethor, Steward of the CityGondorCompanion                   
          7C86  •Denethor, Wizened StewardGondorCompanion                   
          7R87  •DerufinGondorCompanion                   
          7U88  •DervorinGondorCompanion                   
          7C89  Duty of TwoGondorEvent                   
          7C90  •Faramir, Stout CaptainGondorCompanion                   
          7R91  •Faramir, Wizard's PupilGondorCompanion                   
          7C92  First LevelGondorCondition                   
          7U93  Footman's ArmorGondorPossession                   
          7U94  Gondor BowGondorPossession                   
          7R95  •Gondor Still StandsGondorCondition                   
          7C96  Gondorian CaptainGondorCompanion                   
          7R97  •Gondorian MerchantGondorAlly                   
          7U98  Gondorian SwordGondorPossession                   
          7C99  Great GateGondorEvent                   
          7R100  Greatest StrongholdGondorEvent                   
          7R101  GuardedGondorCondition                   
          7U102  Hasty RepairsGondorCondition                   
          7R103  Hearts RaisedGondorCondition                   
          7R104  Hidden KnowledgeGondorEvent                   
          7C105  •I Will GoGondorCondition                   
          7C106  •IngoldGondorCompanion                   
          7U107  •IorlasGondorCompanion                   
          7C108  Knight's SwordGondorPossession                   
          7U109  Long PreparedGondorCondition                   
          7U110  •Madril, Faramir's AideGondorCompanion                   
          7C111  Man the WallsGondorCondition                   
          7R112  •Noble LeadersGondorCondition                   
          7R113  •Pippin's ArmorGondorPossession                   
          7R114  •Pippin's SwordGondorPossession                   
          7C115  Ranger of Minas TirithGondorCompanion                   
          7C116  Ranger of OsgiliathGondorCompanion                   
          7C117  Reckless CounterGondorEvent                   
          7C118  Second LevelGondorCondition                   
          7R119  •Seventh LevelGondorCondition                   
          7U120  Stand to ArmsGondorEvent                   
          7C121  Stout ResistanceGondorEvent                   
          7R122  •Strong and OldGondorCondition                   
          7U123  Support of the CityGondorCondition                   
          7C124  •TargonGondorCompanion                   
          7U125  Third LevelGondorCondition                   
          7U126  •Unexpected VisitorGondorCondition                   
          7R127  •VorondilGondorCompanion                   
          7U128  While We Yet LiveGondorEvent                   
          7R129  •Bold Men and GrimRaiderCondition                   
          7C130  Dark TidingsRaiderCondition                   
          7C131  Desert FighterRaiderMinion                   
          7C132  Desert NomadRaiderMinion                   
          7C133  Desert RunnerRaiderMinion                   
          7U134  Desert ScoutRaiderMinion                   
          7C135  Desert SneakRaiderMinion                   
          7U136  Desert VigilanteRaiderMinion                   
          7C137  Desert SpearmanRaiderMinion                   
          7U138  Desert VillainRaiderMinion                   
          7C139  Easterling AggressorRaiderMinion                   
          7C140  Easterling AssailantRaiderMinion                   
          7C141  Easterling AttackerRaiderMinion                   
          7C142  Easterling BlademasterRaiderMinion                   
          7R143  Easterling FootmanRaiderMinion                   
          7C144  Easterling RansackerRaiderMinion                   
          7R145  •Easterling RegimentRaiderMinion                   
          7U146  Easterling SergeantRaiderMinion                   
          7U147  Easterling VeteranRaiderMinion                   
          7R148  Fierce in DespairRaiderEvent                   
          7C149  Great BeastsRaiderCondition                   
          7C150  Harsh TonguesRaiderCondition                   
          7U151  Hosts Still UnfoughtRaiderEvent                   
          7R152  Mûmak CommanderRaiderMinion                   
          7C153  Mûmakil of the HaradRaiderEvent                   
          7C154  New Strength Came NowRaiderEvent                   
          7C155  Raider BowRaiderPossession                   
          7C156  Raider HalberdRaiderPossession                   
          7U157  Red WrathRaiderEvent                   
          7R158  RoutRaiderCondition                   
          7R159  Small HopeRaiderCondition                   
          7U160  Southron BanditRaiderMinion                   
          7C161  Southron BrigandRaiderMinion                   
          7U162  Southron CaptainRaiderMinion                   
          7R163  Southron ChieftainRaiderMinion                   
          7R164  Southron ConquerorRaiderMinion                   
          7R165  Southron IntruderRaiderMinion                   
          7R166  Southron LeaderRaiderMinion                   
          7R167  Southron MarksmenRaiderMinion                   
          7U168  Southron ThiefRaiderMinion                   
          7R169  Surging UpRaiderCondition                   
          7R170  •Suzerain of HaradRaiderMinion                   
          7U171  Thrice OutnumberedRaiderEvent                   
          7C172  Troop of HaradrimRaiderMinion                   
          7C173  War TowersRaiderEvent                   
          7U174  CalledRingwraithCondition                   
          7U175  CorruptRingwraithEvent                   
          7U176  Disposable ServantsRingwraithEvent                   
          7R177  Feel His BladeRingwraithCondition                   
          7U178  Foul ClutchesRingwraithEvent                   
          7R179  Ghastly HostRingwraithCondition                   
          7R180  •Gorbag, Lieutenant of Cirith UngolRingwraithMinion                   
          7R181  •Held GroundRingwraithCondition                   
          7R182  LoathsomeRingwraithEvent                   
          7R183  Mind and BodyRingwraithEvent                   
          7C184  More UnbearableRingwraithCondition                   
          7U185  Morgul AnswersRingwraithCondition                   
          7C186  Morgul AxeRingwraithPossession                   
          7U187  Morgul BrawlerRingwraithMinion                   
          7R188  Morgul BruteRingwraithMinion                   
          7C189  Morgul CurRingwraithMinion                   
          7U190  Morgul DestroyerRingwraithMinion                   
          7R191  Morgul DetachmentRingwraithMinion                   
          7C192  Morgul HoundRingwraithMinion                   
          7C193  Morgul LackeyRingwraithMinion                   
          7C194  Morgul MongrelRingwraithMinion                   
          7U195  •Morgul on the MarchRingwraithCondition                   
          7C196  Morgul PredatorRingwraithMinion                   
          7R197  Morgul RegimentRingwraithMinion                   
          7C198  Morgul RuffianRingwraithMinion                   
          7C199  Morgul SoldierRingwraithMinion                   
          7C200  Morgul SpawnRingwraithMinion                   
          7C201  Morgul SpearmanRingwraithMinion                   
          7U202  Morgul WhelpRingwraithMinion                   
          7U203  Nazgûl ScimitarRingwraithPossession                   
          7R204  •Out of Sight and ShotRingwraithCondition                   
          7R205  Put Forth His StrengthRingwraithCondition                   
          7R206  •Stronghold of Minas MorgulRingwraithCondition                   
          7U207  Their Power Is in TerrorRingwraithEvent                   
          7C208  There Came a CryRingwraithEvent                   
          7C209  Too LateRingwraithCondition                   
          7R210  •Úlairë Attëa, Wraith on WingsRingwraithMinion                   
          7R211  •Úlairë Cantëa, Faster Than WindsRingwraithMinion                   
          7U212  •Úlairë Enquëa, Faster Than WindsRingwraithMinion                   
          7R213  •Úlairë Lemenya, Assailing MinionRingwraithMinion                   
          7U214  •Úlairë Lemenya, Wraith on WingsRingwraithMinion                   
          7R215  •Úlairë Nelya, Assailing MinionRingwraithMinion                   
          7U216  •Úlairë Nelya, Black-Mantled WraithRingwraithMinion                   
          7U217  •Úlairë Nertëa, Black-Mantled WraithRingwraithMinion                   
          7U218  •Úlairë Otsëa, Black-Mantled WraithRingwraithMinion                   
          7R219  •Úlairë Toldëa, Wraith on WingsRingwraithMinion                   
          7C220  War Long PlannedRingwraithEvent                   
          7R221  •The Witch-king, Morgul KingRingwraithMinion                   
          7C222  •DéorRohanAlly                   
          7R223  Death They CriedRohanEvent                   
          7U224  •Elfhelm, Marshal of RohanRohanCompanion                   
          7C225  Elite RiderRohanCompanion                   
          7C226  Enraged HorsemanRohanCompanion                   
          7R227  •Éomer, Skilled TacticianRohanCompanion                   
          7R228  •Éowyn, DernhelmRohanCompanion                   
          7C229  •Éowyn, Restless MaidenRohanCompanion                   
          7R230  •Éowyn's Sword, Dernhelm's BladeRohanPossession                   
          7U231  Fey He SeemedRohanEvent                   
          7R232  •Firefoot, Éomer's SteedRohanPossession                   
          7R233  •Grimbold, Marshal of RohanRohanCompanion                   
          7U234  Guarded FastnessRohanEvent                   
          7C235  •Guthláf, HeraldRohanCompanion                   
          7R236  •Herugrim, Sword of the MarkRohanPossession                   
          7C237  His Golden ShieldRohanEvent                   
          7U238  Knights of His HouseRohanEvent                   
          7R239  •LéowynRohanAlly                   
          7C240  Long SpearRohanPossession                   
          7R241  •Merry's ArmorRohanPossession                   
          7R242  •Merry's SwordRohanPossession                   
          7C243  Morning CameRohanEvent                   
          7U244  Mustering for BattleRohanCondition                   
          7U245  Riding ArmorRohanPossession                   
          7C246  Rohirrim GuardRohanCompanion                   
          7C247  Rohirrim HerdsmanRohanAlly                   
          7C248  Rohirrim JavelinRohanPossession                   
          7R249  Seeking New FoesRohanCondition                   
          7R250  •SnowmaneRohanPossession                   
          7R251  Stern PeopleRohanCondition                   
          7U252  Strong ArmsRohanCondition                   
          7C253  Swift SteedRohanPossession                   
          7U254  •Théoden, Leader of SpearsRohanCompanion                   
          7R255  •Théoden, Rekindled KingRohanCompanion                   
          7C256  They Sang as They SlewRohanEvent                   
          7C257  Veteran HorsemanRohanCompanion                   
          7U258  White Hot FuryRohanEvent                   
          7C259  Wind in His FaceRohanEvent                   
          7R260  •WindfolaRohanPossession                   
          7R261  With Strength to FightRohanCondition                   
          7C262  Above the BattlementSauronEvent                   
          7C263  AnguishSauronEvent                   
          7U264  •Army of UdûnSauronMinion                   
          7C265  Besieging PikeSauronPossession                   
          7R266  BreachedSauronEvent                   
          7R267  Din of ArmsSauronEvent                   
          7R268  •EncirclementSauronCondition                   
          7R269  Fires Raged UncheckedSauronCondition                   
          7U270  Gorgoroth AttackerSauronMinion                   
          7U271  Gorgoroth AxemanSauronMinion                   
          7U272  Gorgoroth EngineerSauronMinion                   
          7C273  Gorgoroth GarrisonSauronMinion                   
          7R274  Gorgoroth OfficerSauronMinion                   
          7C275  Gorgoroth PillagerSauronMinion                   
          7C276  Gorgoroth RansackerSauronMinion                   
          7C277  Gorgoroth SapperSauronMinion                   
          7U278  Gorgoroth SoldierSauronMinion                   
          7R279  •Gorgoroth TroopSauronMinion                   
          7U280  Great Peril of FireSauronCondition                   
          7U281  Great Siege-towersSauronCondition                   
          7U282  •Host of UdûnSauronMinion                   
          7R283  •Legions of MorgulSauronCondition                   
          7R284  Mordor AssassinSauronMinion                   
          7C285  Mordor DefenderSauronMinion                   
          7R286  Mordor FighterSauronMinion                   
          7C287  Mordor GuardSauronMinion                   
          7C288  Mordor RegularSauronMinion                   
          7U289  Mordor SavageSauronMinion                   
          7C290  Mordor SoldierSauronMinion                   
          7C291  Mordor TrooperSauronMinion                   
          7U292  Mordor VeteranSauronMinion                   
          7U293  Mordor WarriorSauronMinion                   
          7U294  •Orc Archer TroopSauronMinion                   
          7U295  Orc Assault BandSauronMinion                   
          7C296  Orc BroodSauronMinion                   
          7C297  Orc ButcherSauronMinion                   
          7C298  Orc ChaserSauronMinion                   
          7C299  Orc DestroyerSauronMinion                   
          7C300  Orc FanaticSauronMinion                   
          7U301  Orc MarauderSauronMinion                   
          7U302  Orc OfficerSauronMinion                   
          7C303  Orc PursuerSauronMinion                   
          7C304  Orc RagerSauronMinion                   
          7U305  Orc SavageSauronMinion                   
          7R306  •Orc SeekerSauronMinion                   
          7U307  Orc StalkerSauronMinion                   
          7R308  Rally the HostSauronCondition                   
          7U309  Rope and WinchSauronEvent                   
          7U310  Sauron's HatredSauronCondition                   
          7R311  •Siege CommanderSauronMinion                   
          7C312  SiegecraftSauronEvent                   
          7C313  Some Secret Art of FlameSauronCondition                   
          7R314  •Stronghold of Cirith UngolSauronCondition                   
          7C315  •Tower WalkwaySauronCondition                   
          7R316  •Troop TowerSauronCondition                   
          7C317  •Frodo, Hope of Free PeoplesShireCompanion                   
          7R318  •Frodo, Wicked Masster!ShireCompanion                   
          7C319  Hobbit SwordShirePossession                   
          7C320  •Merry, Rohirrim SquireShireCompanion                   
          7R321  •Merry, SwordthainShireCompanion                   
          7C322  Noble IntentionsShireEvent                   
          7C323  •Pippin, Sworn to ServiceShireCompanion                   
          7R324  •Pippin, Wearer of Black and SilverShireCompanion                   
          7R325  Pressing OnShireCondition                   
          7C326  •Sam, Needer of VittlesShireCompanion                   
          7R327  •Sam, Resolute HalflingShireCompanion                   
          7U328  •Slow-kindled CourageShireCondition                   
          7U329  Dunharrow Plateau Site                   
          7U330  Edoras Hall Site                   
          7U331  Isengard Ruined Site                   
          7U332  Rohirrim Road Site                   
          7U333  Sleeping Quarters Site                   
          7U334  Steps of Edoras Site                   
          7U335  King?s Tent Site                   
          7U336  Rohirrim Camp Site                   
          7U337  West Road Site                   
          7U338  Beacon of Minas Tirith Site                   
          7U339  Hall of the Kings Site                   
          7U340  Tower of Ecthelion Site                   
          7U341  Anduin Banks Site                   
          7U342  Osgiliath Fallen Site                   
          7U343  Pelennor Plain Site                   
          7U344  City Gates Site                   
          7U345  Pelennor Flat Site                   
          7U346  Minas Tirith Fifth Circle Site                   
          7U347  Minas Tirith First Circle Site                   
          7U348  Minas Tirith Fourth Circle Site                   
          7U349  Minas Tirith Second Circle Site                   
          7U350  Minas Tirith Seventh Circle Site                   
          7U351  Minas Tirith Sixth Circle Site                   
          7U352  Minas Tirith Third Circle Site                   
          7U353  Osgiliath Crossing Site                   
          7U354  Pelennor Grassland Site                   
          7U355  Ruined Capitol Site                   
          7U356  Cross Roads Site                   
          7U357  Morgul Vale Site                   
          7U358  Morgulduin Site                   
          7U359  Northern Ithilien Site                   
          7U360  Dagorlad Site                   
          7U361  Haunted Pass Site                   
          7U362  Narchost Site                   
          7U363  Slag Mounds Site                   
          7P364  •Aragorn, Driven by NeedGondorCompanion                   
          7P365  •Éomer, Valiant WarchiefRohanCompanion                   
          8C1  AggressionDwarvenCondition                   
          8R2  Battle In EarnestDwarvenEvent                   
          8R3  Blood Runs ChillDwarvenEvent                   
          8U4  Counts But OneDwarvenEvent                   
          8C5  •Gimli, Counter of FoesDwarvenCompanion                   
          8C6  HonedDwarvenEvent                   
          8R7  Unheard OfDwarvenEvent                   
          8U8  Wish For Our KinfolkDwarvenCondition                   
          8U9  A Grey ShipElvenEvent                   
          8C10  •Legolas, Elven StalwartElvenCompanion                   
          8R11  Life of the EldarElvenEvent                   
          8R12  Reckless We RodeElvenEvent                   
          8U13  Shake Off the ShadowElvenCondition                   
          8C14  A FoolGandalfEvent                   
          8R15  •Gandalf, Leader of MenGandalfCompanion                   
          8U16  Let Us Not TarryGandalfEvent                   
          8U17  Mighty SteedGandalfEvent                   
          8U18  Not the First HalflingGandalfCondition                   
          8U19  On Your DoorstepGandalfEvent                   
          8R20  Saved From the FireGandalfEvent                   
          8R21  •Shadowfax, GreatheartGandalfPossession                   
          8C22  Hidden Even From HerGollumCondition                   
          8U23  LarderGollumPossession                   
          8R24  •Promise KeepingGollumCondition                   
          8R25  •Shelob, Eater of LightGollumMinion                   
          8C26  •Shelob, Last Child of UngoliantGollumMinion                   
          8R27  •Sméagol, Slippery SneakGollumCompanion                   
          8C28  Spider PoisonGollumPossession                   
          8U29  Still Far AheadGollumEvent                   
          8C30  WebGollumPossession                   
          8C31  At His CommandGondorEvent                   
          8R32  CatapultGondorPossession                   
          8R33  Elessar's EdictGondorEvent                   
          8C34  •Faramir, Defender of OsgiliathGondorCompanion                   
          8C35  Fourth LevelGondorCondition                   
          8R36  •Garrison of GondorGondorCompanion                   
          8R37  •Imrahil, Prince of Dol AmrothGondorCompanion                   
          8R38  •King of the Dead, OathbreakerGondorCompanion                   
          8C39  Knight of Dol AmrothGondorCompanion                   
          8C40  Knight's MountGondorPossession                   
          8C41  OathbreakerGondorCompanion                   
          8U42  A Path AppointedGondorCondition                   
          8R43  •Shadow HostGondorCompanion                   
          8U44  Sixth LevelGondorCondition                   
          8U45  Sleepless DeadGondorCompanion                   
          8U46  Spectral SwordGondorPossession                   
          8C47  Stronger and More TerribleGondorCondition                   
          8C48  Swept AwayGondorCondition                   
          8R49  Black NúmenoreanRaiderMinion                   
          8C50  Black Sails of UmbarRaiderPossession                   
          8R51  •Castamir of UmbarRaiderMinion                   
          8C52  Corsair BallistaRaiderPossession                   
          8C53  Corsair BuccaneerRaiderMinion                   
          8C54  Corsair FreebooterRaiderMinion                   
          8C55  Corsair GunnersRaiderMinion                   
          8U56  Corsair LookoutRaiderMinion                   
          8R57  Corsair MarauderRaiderMinion                   
          8C58  Corsair PlundererRaiderMinion                   
          8U59  Corsair War GalleyRaiderPossession                   
          8U60  •Haradrim MarksmanRaiderMinion                   
          8C61  •HaradwaithRaiderCondition                   
          8R62  •Heavy AxemanRaiderMinion                   
          8C63  Line of DefenseRaiderCondition                   
          8U64  MûmakilRaiderPossession                   
          8R65  Ships of Great DraughtRaiderPossession                   
          8C66  Wind That Sped ShipsRaiderEvent                   
          8R67  Between Nazgûl and PreyRingwraithEvent                   
          8R68  Beyond All DarknessRingwraithEvent                   
          8U69  Black DartRingwraithCondition                   
          8R70  •Black FlailRingwraithPossession                   
          8U71  •Flung Into the FrayRingwraithCondition                   
          8R72  •Gothmog, Morgul CommanderRingwraithMinion                   
          8U73  Mastered By MadnessRingwraithEvent                   
          8C74  Morgul AmbusherRingwraithMinion                   
          8C75  Morgul CreeperRingwraithMinion                   
          8C76  Morgul LurkerRingwraithMinion                   
          8R77  Morgul SquealerRingwraithMinion                   
          8U78  •Streaming to the FieldRingwraithCondition                   
          8U79  •Úlairë Attëa, Thrall of The OneRingwraithMinion                   
          8U80  •Úlairë Nertëa, Thrall of The OneRingwraithMinion                   
          8R81  •Úlairë Otsëa, Thrall of The OneRingwraithMinion                   
          8U82  UnhinderedRingwraithEvent                   
          8U83  Winged MountRingwraithPossession                   
          8R84  •The Witch-king, Black CaptainRingwraithMinion                   
          8U85  Charged HeadlongRohanEvent                   
          8U86  Doom Drove ThemRohanCondition                   
          8C87  •Éomer, Keeper of OathsRohanCompanion                   
          8R88  •Éowyn's ShieldRohanPossession                   
          8C89  Fury of the NorthmenRohanEvent                   
          8C90  No Living ManRohanEvent                   
          8R91  •Rohirrim ArmyRohanCompanion                   
          8R92  •Théoden, Tall and ProudRohanCompanion                   
          8R93  Called AwaySauronCondition                   
          8U94  Gorgoroth AgitatorSauronMinion                   
          8R95  Gorgoroth AssassinSauronMinion                   
          8R96  Gorgoroth BerserkerSauronMinion                   
          8U97  Gorgoroth BreakerSauronMinion                   
          8U98  Gorgoroth LooterSauronMinion                   
          8U99  Gorgoroth PatrolSauronMinion                   
          8U100  Gorgoroth ServitorSauronMinion                   
          8C101  Gorgoroth StormerSauronMinion                   
          8C102  Great Hill TrollSauronMinion                   
          8R103  •Grond, Hammer of the UnderworldSauronPossession                   
          8C104  •MorgaiSauronCondition                   
          8R105  Olog-hai of MordorSauronMinion                   
          8C106  Siege TroopSauronMinion                   
          8U107  Their Marching CompaniesSauronCondition                   
          8R108  •Troll of Gorgoroth, Abomination of SauronSauronMinion                   
          8C109  Closer and Closer He BentShireCondition                   
          8U110  •Morgai FoothillsShireCondition                   
          8C111  So Fair, So DesperateShireEvent                   
          8U112  Song of the ShireShireCondition                   
          8R113  •Sting, Bane of the Eight LegsShirePossession                   
          8C114  Straining Towards UsShireEvent                   
          8R115  UnheededShireEvent                   
          8C116  We Shall Meet Again SoonShireEvent                   
          8U117  The Dimholt Site                   
          8U118  City of the Dead Site                   
          8U119  Crashed Gate Site                   
          8U120  Osgiliath Channel Site                   
          8P121  •Merry, Noble WarriorShireCompanion                   
          8P122  •Pippin, Guard of Minas TirithShireCompanion                   
          9R+1  •The One Ring, The Binding Ring The One Ring                   
          9R+2  •Freca, Hungry SavageDunlandMinion                   
          9R+3  •Durin III, Dwarven LordDwarvenCompanion                   
          9R+4  •Gimli, Bearer of GrudgesDwarvenCompanion                   
          9R5  •Linnar, Dwarven LordDwarvenCompanion                   
          9R6  •Ring of AccretionDwarvenArtifact                   
          9R+7  •Ring of FuryDwarvenArtifact                   
          9R8  •Ring of GuileDwarvenArtifact                   
          9R9  •Ring of RetributionDwarvenArtifact                   
          9R10  •SindriDwarvenCompanion                   
          9R11  •ÚriDwarvenCompanion                   
          9R+12  •AiglosElvenArtifact                   
          9R13  •Elven RopeElvenPossession                   
          9R+14  •Galadriel, Bearer of WisdomElvenCompanion                   
          9R+15  •Gil-galad, Elven High KingElvenCompanion                   
          9R+16  •Glorfindel, Revealed in WrathElvenCompanion                   
          9R+17  •Knife of the GaladhrimElvenPossession                   
          9R18  •Merry’s DaggerElvenPossession                   
          9R19  •Narya, Ring of FireElvenArtifact                   
          9R20  •Nenya, Ring of AdamantElvenArtifact                   
          9R21  •Pippin’s DaggerElvenPossession                   
          9R22  •Strands of Elven HairElvenPossession                   
          9R23  •Vilya, Ring of AirElvenArtifact                   
          9R24  Ent DraughtGandalfCondition                   
          9R25  HuornGandalfCompanion                   
          9R+26  •Radagast, The BrownGandalfCompanion                   
          9R27  Sent BackGandalfCondition                   
          9R+28  •Gollum, Dark as DarknessGollumMinion                   
          9R+29  Slippery as FishesGollumCondition                   
          9R+30  •Sméagol, Bearer of Great SecretsGollumCompanion                   
          9R+31  •Boromir, Bearer of CouncilGondorCompanion                   
          9R+32  •Elendil, The TallGondorCompanion                   
          9R+33  •Isildur, Bearer of HeirloomsGondorCompanion                   
          9R+34  •Narsil, Blade of the FaithfulGondorArtifact                   
          9R35  Sapling of the White TreeGondorArtifact                   
          9R36  •Scroll of IsildurGondorArtifact                   
          9R37  •Seeing Stone of Minas AnorGondorArtifact                   
          9R38  •Seeing Stone of OrthancGondorArtifact                   
          9R+39  •Library of OrthancIsengardArtifact                   
          9R40  Sack of the ShireIsengardEvent                   
          9R+41  •Host of Moria, Legion of the UnderdeepsMoriaMinion                   
          9R42  •Ring of AsperityRingwraithArtifact                   
          9R+43  •Ring of IreRingwraithArtifact                   
          9R44  •Ring of RancorRingwraithArtifact                   
          9R45  •Horn of the MarkRohanPossession                   
          9R46  •The Red ArrowRohanArtifact                   
          9R+47  •Ithil StoneSauronArtifact                   
          9R+48  •Sauron, The Lord of the RingsSauronMinion                   
          9R+49  •Bilbo, Bearer of Things BurgledShireCompanion                   
          9R50  Everyone KnowsShireCondition                   
          9R+51  •Goldberry, River-daughterShireAlly                   
          9R+52  •Tom Bombadil, The MasterShireAlly                   
          10R1  Great Day, Great HourDwarvenEvent                   
          10U2  •Memories of DarknessDwarvenCondition                   
          10R3  More Yet to ComeDwarvenEvent                   
          10U4  •Aegnor, Elven EscortElvenCompanion                   
          10U5  •Arwen, Echo of LúthienElvenCompanion                   
          10R6  •Arwen, Queen of Elves and MenElvenCompanion                   
          10R7  •Celeborn, Lord of the GaladhrimElvenCompanion                   
          10R8  •Círdan, The ShipwrightElvenCompanion                   
          10R9  •Elrond, Venerable LordElvenCompanion                   
          10C10  Fleet-footedElvenEvent                   
          10R11  •Galadriel, Lady RedeemedElvenCompanion                   
          10U12  •Glimpse of FateElvenCondition                   
          10R13  •Phial of Galadriel, Star-glassElvenArtifact                   
          10R14  Borne Far AwayGandalfEvent                   
          10U15  •Brooding on TomorrowGandalfCondition                   
          10C16  Gathering WindGandalfEvent                   
          10R17  Out of the High AirsGandalfEvent                   
          10R18  •Treebeard, Keeper of the WatchwoodGandalfCompanion                   
          10R19  A Dark Shape SprangGollumEvent                   
          10U20  Final StrikeGollumCondition                   
          10R21  •Gollum, Mad ThingGollumMinion                   
          10U22  Reclaim the PreciousGollumCondition                   
          10R23  •Shelob, Her LadyshipGollumMinion                   
          10C24  •Unabated in MaliceGollumCondition                   
          10R25  •Aragorn, Elessar TelcontarGondorCompanion                   
          10U26  •Cursed of ErechGondorCompanion                   
          10C27  Dead Man of DunharrowGondorCompanion                   
          10R28  •Denethor, Lord of Minas TirithGondorCompanion                   
          10R29  Drawing His EyeGondorEvent                   
          10C30  End of the GameGondorEvent                   
          10C31  Every Little is a GainGondorEvent                   
          10U32  Fifth LevelGondorCondition                   
          10U33  •Hardy GarrisonGondorCondition                   
          10C34  Last ThrowGondorEvent                   
          10U35  Suffered Much LossIsengardCondition                   
          10C36  Cast Unto the WindsRaiderCondition                   
          10C37  Corsair BoatswainRaiderMinion                   
          10R38  Corsair BruteRaiderMinion                   
          10U39  Corsair RuffianRaiderMinion                   
          10R40  Easterling BerserkerRaiderMinion                   
          10C41  •Easterling PillagerRaiderMinion                   
          10C42  Far Harad MercenariesRaiderMinion                   
          10U43  Field of the FallenRaiderCondition                   
          10U44  High VantageRaiderEvent                   
          10R45  Mûmak ChieftainRaiderMinion                   
          10R46  QuelledRaiderEvent                   
          10U47  Rallying CallRaiderCondition                   
          10R48  Seasoned LeaderRaiderCondition                   
          10C49  Southron FanaticRaiderMinion                   
          10C50  Southron SavageRaiderMinion                   
          10R51  StampededRaiderEvent                   
          10C52  •Under FootRaiderCondition                   
          10U53  Black MarshalRingwraithCondition                   
          10U54  Cirith Ungol ScavengerRingwraithMinion                   
          10C55  Cirith Ungol SoldierRingwraithMinion                   
          10C56  Cirith Ungol WarriorRingwraithMinion                   
          10U57  Cirith Ungol WatchmanRingwraithMinion                   
          10R58  Dark Swooping ShadowsRingwraithEvent                   
          10R59  •Gorbag, Covetous CaptainRingwraithMinion                   
          10R60  •Gorbag's SwordRingwraithPossession                   
          10C61  Houses of LamentationRingwraithEvent                   
          10C62  Morgul Banner-bearerRingwraithMinion                   
          10R63  •Morgul VanguardRingwraithMinion                   
          10C64  •Stooping to the KillRingwraithCondition                   
          10C65  Swarming Like BeetlesRingwraithCondition                   
          10C66  Ten Times OutnumberedRingwraithEvent                   
          10R67  •Úlairë Cantëa, Thrall of The OneRingwraithMinion                   
          10R68  •Úlairë Enquëa, Thrall of The OneRingwraithMinion                   
          10U69  •Úlairë Lemenya, Thrall of The OneRingwraithMinion                   
          10U70  •Úlairë Nelya, Thrall of The OneRingwraithMinion                   
          10R71  •Úlairë Toldëa, Thrall of The OneRingwraithMinion                   
          10R72  •Éowyn, Lady of IthilienRohanCompanion                   
          10U73  •Fell Deeds AwakeRohanCondition                   
          10U74  UnyieldingRohanEvent                   
          10R75  •Advance CaptainSauronMinion                   
          10C76  Advance MarauderSauronMinion                   
          10C77  Advance RegularSauronMinion                   
          10U78  Advance ScoutSauronMinion                   
          10C79  •Barren LandSauronCondition                   
          10C80  Beaten BackSauronEvent                   
          10C81  Cirith Ungol GuardSauronMinion                   
          10U82  Cirith Ungol PatrollerSauronMinion                   
          10U83  Cirith Ungol SentinelSauronMinion                   
          10C84  Cirith Ungol SentrySauronMinion                   
          10C85  •Flames WithinSauronCondition                   
          10C86  Gorgoroth KeeperSauronMinion                   
          10C87  Gorgoroth SwarmSauronMinion                   
          10R88  •Gothmog, Lieutenant of MorgulSauronMinion                   
          10R89  •Gothmog's WargSauronPossession                   
          10C90  Mordor BruteSauronMinion                   
          10C91  Mordor FiendSauronMinion                   
          10U92  Mordor PillagerSauronMinion                   
          10U93  Mordor WretchSauronMinion                   
          10R94  Orc RavagerSauronMinion                   
          10R95  Orc SlaughtererSauronMinion                   
          10U96  •Rank and FileSauronCondition                   
          10U97  The Ring is Mine!SauronEvent                   
          10U98  Ruinous HailSauronEvent                   
          10R99  •Shagrat, Captain of Cirith UngolSauronMinion                   
          10R100  Speak No More to MeSauronEvent                   
          10R101  Troll of Cirith GorgorSauronMinion                   
          10C102  Uruk AxeSauronPossession                   
          10C103  Window of The EyeSauronCondition                   
          10R104  Birthday PresentShireCondition                   
          10U105  Brave and LoyalShireEvent                   
          10C106  Chance ObservationShireEvent                   
          10C107  Great HeartShireCondition                   
          10U108  •A Light in His MindShireCondition                   
          10C109  Make HasteShireEvent                   
          10C110  A MarvelShireEvent                   
          10U111  Narrow EscapeShireEvent                   
          10C112  Nine-fingered Frodo and the Ring of DoomShireEvent                   
          10C113  Orc ArmorShirePossession                   
          10U114  ShadowplayShireCondition                   
          10U115  Slunk Out of SightShireEvent                   
          10U116  •The Tale of the Great RingShireCondition                   
          10U117  Base of Mindolluin Site                   
          10U118  Pelennor Prairie Site                   
          10U119  Steward's Tomb Site                   
          10U120  Watchers of Cirith Ungol Site                   
          10P121  •Frodo, Resolute HobbitShireCompanion                   
          10P122  •Sam, Great Elf WarriorShireCompanion                   
          11R1  •The One Ring, The Ring of Rings The One Ring                   
          11S2  •The One Ring, The Ruling Ring The One Ring                   
          11U3  Axe of Khazad-dûmDwarvenPossession                   
          11C4  Battle to the LastDwarvenEvent                   
          11C5  Dwarven EmbassyDwarvenCondition                   
          11U6  Fallen LordDwarvenEvent                   
          11C7  •Farin, Emissary of EreborDwarvenCompanion                   
          11U8  •Gimli, Lively CombatantDwarvenCompanion                   
          11R9  •Gimli's Battle Axe, Vicious WeaponDwarvenPossession                   
          11R10  •Grimir, Dwarven EmissaryDwarvenCompanion                   
          11R11  •Hall of Our FathersDwarvenCondition                   
          11U12  Mountain HomesteadDwarvenCondition                   
          11C13  On GuardDwarvenEvent                   
          11R14  Well-equippedDwarvenEvent                   
          11U15  •Arwen, Staunch DefenderElvenCompanion                   
          11U16  Blade of LindonElvenPossession                   
          11R17  Elven MarksmanshipElvenCondition                   
          11S18  Elven ScoutElvenCompanion                   
          11C19  Farewell to LórienElvenEvent                   
          11S20  The Lady's BlessingElvenEvent                   
          11S21  •Legolas, Companion of the RingElvenCompanion                   
          11R22  •Legolas, Woodland EmissaryElvenCompanion                   
          11R23  •Legolas' BowElvenPossession                   
          11R24  Might of the Elf-lordsElvenEvent                   
          11U25  NockedElvenEvent                   
          11U26  •Uncertain FutureElvenCondition                   
          11C27  Woodland SentinelElvenCompanion                   
          11U28  The Art of GandalfGandalfPossession                   
          11U29  Ease the BurdenGandalfEvent                   
          11R30  •Erland, Dale CounselorGandalfCompanion                   
          11C31  Final AccountGandalfEvent                   
          11S32  G for GrandGandalfCondition                   
          11S33  •Gandalf, Leader of the CompanyGandalfCompanion                   
          11R34  •Gandalf's Staff, Ash StaffGandalfArtifact                   
          11R35  •Glamdring, Foe-hammerGandalfPossession                   
          11C36  InspirationGandalfEvent                   
          11U37  •New AuthorityGandalfCondition                   
          11U38  New-awakenedGandalfEvent                   
          11C39  Prolonged StruggleGandalfEvent                   
          11U40  •Shadowfax, Unequaled SteedGandalfPossession                   
          11U41  Frenzied AttackGollumEvent                   
          11R42  •Gollum, SkulkerGollumMinion                   
          11R43  Horribly StrongGollumEvent                   
          11R44  •IncitedGollumCondition                   
          11U45  Led AstrayGollumEvent                   
          11C46  Master Commands ItGollumEvent                   
          11U47  No End of WickednessGollumEvent                   
          11R48  •Not Yet VanquishedGollumCondition                   
          11U49  One Good Turn Deserves AnotherGollumEvent                   
          11R50  •Safe PassageGollumCondition                   
          11R51  •Sméagol, Scout and GuideGollumCompanion                   
          11U52  Strange and TerribleGollumEvent                   
          11S53  •Aragorn, Guide and ProtectorGondorCompanion                   
          11R54  •Aragorn, StriderGondorCompanion                   
          11U55  Armor of the CitadelGondorPossession                   
          11S56  Battle CryGondorEvent                   
          11R57  •Boromir, Hero of OsgiliathGondorCompanion                   
          11U58  Bow of Minas TirithGondorPossession                   
          11U59  Gondorian BladeGondorPossession                   
          11R60  The Highest QualityGondorEvent                   
          11U61  •Houses of HealingGondorCondition                   
          11C62  •Madril, Ranger of IthilienGondorCompanion                   
          11C63  Much-needed RestGondorEvent                   
          11S64  Pledge of LoyaltyGondorEvent                   
          11S65  Ranger of WesternesseGondorCompanion                   
          11R66  Well-traveledGondorEvent                   
          11U67  Archer of HaradMenMinion                   
          11R68  Armored EasterlingsMenMinion                   
          11U69  Axeman of HaradMenMinion                   
          11R70  BloodthirstyMenEvent                   
          11C71  Bold and CunningMenEvent                   
          11C72  Column of EasterlingsMenMinion                   
          11C73  Corps of HaradMenMinion                   
          11U74  Detachment of HaradrimMenMinion                   
          11R75  •Easterling HostMenMinion                   
          11C76  Easterling Shield WallMenMinion                   
          11S77  Elder of DunlandMenMinion                   
          11R78  Elevated FireMenEvent                   
          11C79  Fearsome DunlendingMenMinion                   
          11U80  Ferocious HaradrimMenMinion                   
          11R81  Fletcher of HaradMenMinion                   
          11S82  Footman of DunlandMenMinion                   
          11C83  Force of HaradMenMinion                   
          11S84  Harad Standard-bearerMenMinion                   
          11C85  Horde of HaradMenMinion                   
          11C86  Invading HaradrimMenMinion                   
          11U87  LáthspellMenCondition                   
          11C88  Legion of HaradMenMinion                   
          11C89  Long Battle BowMenPossession                   
          11S90  Man of BreeMenMinion                   
          11R91  Oath SwornMenCondition                   
          11S92  OverrunMenEvent                   
          11C93  Patroller of HaradrimMenMinion                   
          11C94  PaviseMenPossession                   
          11S95  PoleaxeMenPossession                   
          11R96  Precision TargetingMenEvent                   
          11S97  Raging DunlendingMenMinion                   
          11C98  Rampaging EasterlingMenMinion                   
          11U99  Squad of HaradrimMenMinion                   
          11R100  Strange-looking MenMenMinion                   
          11C101  Swarthy Bree-landerMenMinion                   
          11C102  Throng of HaradMenMinion                   
          11C103  Warrior of DunlandMenMinion                   
          11U104  Whistling DeathMenEvent                   
          11U105  Wielding the RingMenCondition                   
          11U106  Armed for BattleOrcEvent                   
          11C107  Barbarous OrcOrcMinion                   
          11R108  Beastly Olog-haiOrcMinion                   
          11U109  Bladed GauntletsOrcPossession                   
          11U110  Bound to its FateOrcEvent                   
          11C111  Champion OrcOrcMinion                   
          11S112  Conquered HallsOrcEvent                   
          11C113  Cutthroat OrcOrcMinion                   
          11U114  DemoralizedOrcCondition                   
          11S115  Denizen of Khazad-dûmOrcMinion                   
          11S116  Denizen of MoriaOrcMinion                   
          11S117  Denizen of the Black PitOrcMinion                   
          11U118  Dread and DespairOrcEvent                   
          11R119  Emboldened OrcOrcMinion                   
          11C120  Entrapping OrcOrcMinion                   
          11C121  Foraging OrcOrcMinion                   
          11C122  Frenzied OrcOrcMinion                   
          11R123  Goblin HordesOrcCondition                   
          11U124  Hill OrcOrcMinion                   
          11C125  Isengard UnderlingOrcMinion                   
          11S126  Marauding OrcsOrcMinion                   
          11C127  Mocking GoblinOrcMinion                   
          11C128  Mordor ScimitarOrcPossession                   
          11C129  Mountain OrcOrcMinion                   
          11S130  Orc HammerOrcPossession                   
          11C131  Orc MiscreantOrcMinion                   
          11C132  Orkish SmithOrcMinion                   
          11R133  Orkish WorkerOrcMinion                   
          11R134  Persistent OrcOrcMinion                   
          11R135  Porter TrollOrcMinion                   
          11C136  Prowling OrcOrcMinion                   
          11U137  Scurrying GoblinOrcMinion                   
          11S138  Skulking GoblinOrcMinion                   
          11U139  Spurred to BattleOrcCondition                   
          11C140  Strength in ShadowsOrcEvent                   
          11R141  UndisciplinedOrcEvent                   
          11S142  Unyielding GoblinOrcMinion                   
          11R143  Watchful OrcOrcMinion                   
          11U144  •Border PatrolRohanCondition                   
          11U145  •Éomer, Guardian of the EastmarkRohanCompanion                   
          11S146  •Éowyn, Shieldmaiden of RohanRohanCompanion                   
          11R147  •Gamling, Defender of the HornburgRohanCompanion                   
          11C148  •Hrothlac, Man of RohanRohanCompanion                   
          11U149  Protecting the HallRohanCondition                   
          11S150  Rally CryRohanEvent                   
          11U151  Riddermark JavelinRohanPossession                   
          11S152  Riddermark SoldierRohanCompanion                   
          11S153  Rider's SpearRohanPossession                   
          11R154  •Riders of the MarkRohanCompanion                   
          11C155  Riding Like the WindRohanCondition                   
          11U156  Rohirrim MountRohanPossession                   
          11C157  •Rush of SteedsRohanCondition                   
          11R158  Sword RackRohanCondition                   
          11U159  •Théoden, King of the EorlingasRohanCompanion                   
          11S160  War Now Calls UsRohanEvent                   
          11S161  Concerning HobbitsShireEvent                   
          11C162  Crouched DownShireEvent                   
          11U163  •Farmer Maggot, Hobbit of the MarishShireCompanion                   
          11S164  •Frodo, Protected by ManyShireCompanion                   
          11R165  Habits of HomeShireCondition                   
          11S166  Hobbit SwordShirePossession                   
          11C167  IncognitoShireEvent                   
          11C168  •Merry, Loyal CompanionShireCompanion                   
          11C169  The More, The MerrierShireEvent                   
          11R170  •Pippin, Brave DecoyShireCompanion                   
          11R171  Salt from the ShireShirePossession                   
          11U172  •Sam, Steadfast FriendShireCompanion                   
          11R173  •Sting, Weapon of HeritageShirePossession                   
          11S174  Sworn CompanionShireEvent                   
          11U175  A Task Now to Be DoneShireEvent                   
          11S176  UnharmedShireEvent                   
          11R177  Army of Uruk-haiUruk-haiMinion                   
          11S178  Bloodthirsty UrukUruk-haiMinion                   
          11R179  Brawling UrukUruk-haiMinion                   
          11S180  BrutalityUruk-haiEvent                   
          11R181  Determined UrukUruk-haiMinion                   
          11U182  DevastationUruk-haiEvent                   
          11S183  Feral UrukUruk-haiMinion                   
          11R184  Force of Uruk-haiUruk-haiMinion                   
          11U185  •FortitudeUruk-haiCondition                   
          11R186  Furious UrukUruk-haiMinion                   
          11S187  FurorUruk-haiEvent                   
          11S188  Hounding UrukUruk-haiMinion                   
          11U189  Intimidating UrukUruk-haiMinion                   
          11S190  Invincible UrukUruk-haiMinion                   
          11U191  Isengard Siege BowUruk-haiPossession                   
          11C192  Isengard SwordUruk-haiPossession                   
          11S193  Lookout UrukUruk-haiMinion                   
          11R194  •Lurtz, Minion of the White WizardUruk-haiMinion                   
          11C195  Murderous UrukUruk-haiMinion                   
          11C196  Our Foes Are WeakUruk-haiCondition                   
          11U197  Overpowering UrukUruk-haiMinion                   
          11C198  Patrol of Uruk-haiUruk-haiMinion                   
          11C199  Relentless UrukUruk-haiMinion                   
          11C200  Ruthless UrukUruk-haiMinion                   
          11C201  Sentinel UrukUruk-haiMinion                   
          11C202  Squad of Uruk-haiUruk-haiMinion                   
          11C203  Swarming UrukUruk-haiMinion                   
          11C204  Tyrannical UrukUruk-haiMinion                   
          11R205  Vigilant UrukUruk-haiMinion                   
          11C206  Watchman UrukUruk-haiMinion                   
          11R207  Dark Powers StrengthenWraithEvent                   
          11U208  Dark WingsWraithCondition                   
          11S209  Drawn to its PowerWraithCondition                   
          11U210  •Hatred StirredWraithCondition                   
          11R211  Keening WailWraithEvent                   
          11U212  Lost in the WoodsWraithCondition                   
          11S213  Moving This WayWraithCondition                   
          11R214  •The Pale Blade, Sword of FlameWraithPossession                   
          11S215  Riders in BlackWraithEvent                   
          11R216  A Shadow RisesWraithCondition                   
          11R217  Shapes Slowly AdvancingWraithCondition                   
          11U218  •Surrounded by WraithsWraithCondition                   
          11R219  •Úlairë Attëa, Second of the Nine RidersWraithMinion                   
          11S220  •Úlairë Cantëa, Fourth of the Nine RidersWraithMinion                   
          11S221  •Úlairë Lemenya, Fifth of the Nine RidersWraithMinion                   
          11S222  •Úlairë Nelya, Third of the Nine RidersWraithMinion                   
          11S223  •Úlairë Nertëa, Ninth of the Nine RidersWraithMinion                   
          11R224  •Úlairë Otsëa, Seventh of the Nine RidersWraithMinion                   
          11S225  •Úlairë Toldëa, Eighth of the Nine RidersWraithMinion                   
          11R226  •The Witch-king, Captain of the Nine RidersWraithMinion                   
          11U227  Anduin Banks Site                   
          11S228  Anduin Confluence Site                   
          11S229  Barazinbar Site                   
          11S230  Buckland Homestead Site                   
          11S231  Caras Galadhon Site                   
          11S232  Cavern Entrance Site                   
          11S233  Chamber of Mazarbul Site                   
          11S234  Crags of Emyn Muil Site                   
          11U235  Dammed Gate-stream Site                   
          11S236  East Road Site                   
          11S237  Ettenmoors Site                   
          11S238  Expanding Marshland Site                   
          11S239  Fangorn Glade Site                   
          11S240  Flats of Rohan Site                   
          11S241  Fortress of Orthanc Site                   
          11S242  Green Dragon Inn Site                   
          11S243  Harrowdale Site                   
          11U244  Heights of Isengard Site                   
          11S245  Helm's Gate Site                   
          11U246  Mere of Dead Faces Site                   
          11S247  Moria Guardroom Site                   
          11S248  Moria Stairway Site                   
          11S249  Neekerbreekers' Bog Site                   
          11S250  North Undeep Site                   
          11S251  Old Forest Road Site                   
          11S252  Osgiliath Reclaimed Site                   
          11S253  Pelennor Fields Site                   
          11S254  Pelennor Flat Site                   
          11S255  Pinnacle of Zirakzigil Site                   
          11S256  The Prancing Pony Site                   
          11S257  Rohan Uplands Site                   
          11S258  Slag Mounds Site                   
          11S259  Stables Site                   
          11S260  Trollshaw Forest Site                   
          11S261  Valley of the Silverlode Site                   
          11S262  Watch-tower of Cirith Ungol Site                   
          11S263  West Gate of Moria Site                   
          11S264  Westemnet Village Site                   
          11S265  Window on the West Site                   
          11S266  Woody-End Site                   
          12U1  Argument Ready to HandDwarvenEvent                   
          12U2  Belt of EreborDwarvenPossession                   
          12U3  A Clamour of Many VoicesDwarvenCondition                   
          12C4  DurabilityDwarvenEvent                   
          12U5  Dwarven BracersDwarvenPossession                   
          12C6  Dwarven SkillDwarvenCondition                   
          12C7  Dwarven WarriorDwarvenCompanion                   
          12C8  His Father's ChargeDwarvenCondition                   
          12R9  Loud and StrongDwarvenCondition                   
          12R10  No Pauses, No SpillsDwarvenEvent                   
          12U11  Nobody Tosses a DwarfDwarvenEvent                   
          12U12  •Proud and AbleDwarvenCondition                   
          12U13  Sharp DefenseDwarvenEvent                   
          12U14  Stalwart SupportDwarvenCondition                   
          12U15  •Thrarin, Smith of EreborDwarvenCompanion                   
          12C16  AttunementElvenEvent                   
          12R17  •Elrond, Witness to HistoryElvenCompanion                   
          12R18  •HadafangElvenPossession                   
          12R19  •Long-knives of LegolasElvenPossession                   
          12C20  •Orophin, Brother of HaldirElvenCompanion                   
          12U21  RefugeElvenCondition                   
          12C22  •Rúmil, Brother of HaldirElvenCompanion                   
          12U23  SeclusionElvenEvent                   
          12U24  Taking the High GroundElvenCondition                   
          12U25  Betrayal of IsengardGandalfCondition                   
          12R26  DiscoveriesGandalfEvent                   
          12R27  •Gandalf, The White RiderGandalfCompanion                   
          12R28  •Gandalf's HatGandalfPossession                   
          12U29  IntrospectionGandalfEvent                   
          12R30  •Járnsmid, Barding EmissaryGandalfCompanion                   
          12C31  Mysterious WizardGandalfEvent                   
          12C32  SalveGandalfCondition                   
          12C33  The Terror of His ComingGandalfEvent                   
          12C34  Traveled LeaderGandalfEvent                   
          12R35  Watch and WaitGandalfCondition                   
          12U36  With Doom We ComeGandalfCondition                   
          12R37  Come AwayGollumCondition                   
          12R38  From Deep in ShadowGollumEvent                   
          12U39  Not AloneGollumCondition                   
          12C40  There's Another WayGollumCondition                   
          12U41  Treacherous Little ToadGollumCondition                   
          12R42  •Blade of Gondor, Sword of BoromirGondorPossession                   
          12U43  •Boromir, Defender of Minas TirithGondorCompanion                   
          12C44  ConcealmentGondorEvent                   
          12C45  Confronting the EyeGondorCondition                   
          12C46  Elendil's ValorGondorEvent                   
          12R47  •Faramir, Dúnadan of GondorGondorCompanion                   
          12R48  •Faramir's SwordGondorPossession                   
          12U49  Gondorian SteedGondorPossession                   
          12U50  GuardianGondorCondition                   
          12U51  InvigoratedGondorCondition                   
          12C52  TirelessGondorCondition                   
          12C53  Valorous LeaderGondorCondition                   
          12R54  •Saruman, Of Many ColoursIsengardMinion                   
          12S55  Brutal EasterlingMenMinion                   
          12R56  •Castamir of Umbar, Corsair VandalMenMinion                   
          12R57  Corrupted SpyMenMinion                   
          12U58  Countless CompaniesMenCondition                   
          12C59  Covetous EasterlingMenMinion                   
          12C60  Crazed HillmanMenMinion                   
          12C61  Crooked TownsmanMenMinion                   
          12U62  Dunlending ZealotMenMinion                   
          12U63  Easterling Banner-bearerMenMinion                   
          12C64  Enraged SouthronMenMinion                   
          12S65  Frenzied DunlendingMenMinion                   
          12U66  Gathering StrengthMenEvent                   
          12C67  Goaded to WarMenCondition                   
          12R68  •Gríma, Betrayer of RohanMenMinion                   
          12R69  Harrying HillmanMenMinion                   
          12C70  Hemmed InMenCondition                   
          12U71  •Last DaysMenCondition                   
          12R72  •Messenger's MountMenPossession                   
          12S73  •The Mouth of Sauron, Messenger of MordorMenMinion                   
          12R74  Mûmak RiderMenMinion                   
          12R75  Poisonous WordsMenEvent                   
          12U76  Trail of TerrorMenCondition                   
          12C77  War TridentMenPossession                   
          12C78  Wrathful HillmanMenMinion                   
          12R79  •The Balrog, The Terror of Khazad-dûmMoriaMinion                   
          12R80  •Whip of Many Thongs, Weapon of Flame and ShadowMoriaArtifact                   
          12R81  Abiding EvilOrcEvent                   
          12R82  BarrageOrcEvent                   
          12R83  The Beckoning ShadowOrcCondition                   
          12C84  Bloodstained FieldOrcEvent                   
          12R85  •Cave Troll of Moria, Savage MenaceOrcMinion                   
          12R86  •Cave Troll's Hammer, Unwieldy CudgelOrcPossession                   
          12C87  Goblin AggressorOrcMinion                   
          12C88  Great CostOrcCondition                   
          12U89  Mordor AggressorOrcMinion                   
          12U90  Morgul TormentorOrcMinion                   
          12R91  Orc ArtisanOrcMinion                   
          12C92  Orc DregOrcMinion                   
          12C93  Orc FootmanOrcMinion                   
          12U94  Orc SapperOrcMinion                   
          12C95  Orc SkulkerOrcMinion                   
          12C96  Orc SpearOrcPossession                   
          12U97  Orc StrategistOrcMinion                   
          12C98  Orc TormentorOrcMinion                   
          12U99  Pitiless OrcOrcMinion                   
          12R100  •Rallying OrcOrcMinion                   
          12R101  •RetributionOrcCondition                   
          12C102  Scavenging GoblinsOrcMinion                   
          12U103  Storming the RampartsOrcEvent                   
          12U104  TauntOrcEvent                   
          12R105  •Troll's Keyward, Keeper of the BeastOrcMinion                   
          12C106  Vile GoblinOrcMinion                   
          12C107  •Aldred, Éored SoldierRohanCompanion                   
          12R108  Cast OutRohanCondition                   
          12C109  Challenging the Orc-hostRohanEvent                   
          12C110  Cleaving a PathRohanCondition                   
          12R111  CoifRohanPossession                   
          12U112  •Éomer, Éored LeaderRohanCompanion                   
          12S113  Éored WarriorRohanCompanion                   
          12C114  For the MarkRohanEvent                   
          12C115  Golden GlimmerRohanCondition                   
          12R116  •Haethen, Veteran FighterRohanCompanion                   
          12U117  •Léofric, Defender of the MarkRohanCompanion                   
          12R118  •The Mouth of Sauron, Lieutenant of Barad-dûrSauronMinion                   
          12R119  •Bilbo, Melancholy HobbitShireCompanion                   
          12R120  DiversionShireEvent                   
          12C121  Flotsam and JetsamShireEvent                   
          12C122  Home and HearthShireCondition                   
          12C123  Hope is KindledShireEvent                   
          12R124  Long Live the HalflingsShireCondition                   
          12S125  Measure of ComfortShireCondition                   
          12S126  No Worse for WearShireEvent                   
          12R127  •Pippin, Hobbit of Some IntelligenceShireCompanion                   
          12R128  A PromiseShireCondition                   
          12R129  •Rosie Cotton, BarmaidShireCompanion                   
          12U130  •Simple LivingShireCondition                   
          12U131  Stand TogetherShireCondition                   
          12U132  Sudden FuryShireCondition                   
          12S133  •Tolman Cotton, Farmer of BywaterShireCompanion                   
          12C134  Advancing UrukUruk-haiMinion                   
          12U135  Barbaric UrukUruk-haiMinion                   
          12U136  Berserker TorchUruk-haiPossession                   
          12C137  Breeding Pit ConscriptUruk-haiMinion                   
          12U138  Broken HeirloomUruk-haiEvent                   
          12R139  Broken in DefeatUruk-haiEvent                   
          12U140  Crushing UrukUruk-haiMinion                   
          12R141  Dark AllianceUruk-haiCondition                   
          12C142  Merciless UrukUruk-haiMinion                   
          12C143  Quelling ForceUruk-haiEvent                   
          12S144  •Saruman, Agent of the Dark LordUruk-haiMinion                   
          12C145  Shingle in a StormUruk-haiCondition                   
          12C146  Strange DeviceUruk-haiEvent                   
          12U147  •Suppressing UrukUruk-haiMinion                   
          12U148  Tempest of WarUruk-haiCondition                   
          12C149  Uruk CommonUruk-haiMinion                   
          12R150  Uruk DecimatorUruk-haiMinion                   
          12S151  Uruk DesecratorUruk-haiMinion                   
          12S152  •Uruk DominatorUruk-haiMinion                   
          12C153  Uruk PikemanUruk-haiMinion                   
          12R154  Uruk SlaughtererUruk-haiMinion                   
          12R155  •Uruk ZealotUruk-haiMinion                   
          12R156  Uruk-hai GuardUruk-haiMinion                   
          12R157  Uruk-hai TroopUruk-haiMinion                   
          12U158  Vicious UrukUruk-haiMinion                   
          12C159  Weapon of OpportunityUruk-haiPossession                   
          12C160  Worthy of MordorUruk-haiCondition                   
          12U161  Black RiderWraithMinion                   
          12R162  Dark ApproachWraithEvent                   
          12R163  Dark TemptationWraithCondition                   
          12C164  Echo of HoovesWraithEvent                   
          12U165  In the Ringwraith's WakeWraithEvent                   
          12U166  Lingering ShadowWraithCondition                   
          12U167  Minas Morgul AnswersWraithEvent                   
          12C168  Nazgûl BladeWraithPossession                   
          12R169  Sauron's GazeWraithCondition                   
          12U170  Sense of ObligationWraithCondition                   
          12R171  Shadowy MountWraithPossession                   
          12C172  Steed of MordorWraithPossession                   
          12R173  •Úlairë Attëa, Black PredatorWraithMinion                   
          12R174  •Úlairë Cantëa, Black AssassinWraithMinion                   
          12R175  •Úlairë Enquëa, Black ThreatWraithMinion                   
          12U176  •Úlairë Lemenya, Black EnemyWraithMinion                   
          12C177  •Úlairë Nelya, Black HunterWraithMinion                   
          12C178  •Úlairë Nertëa, Black HorsemanWraithMinion                   
          12R179  •Úlairë Otsëa, Black SpecterWraithMinion                   
          12U180  •Úlairë Toldëa, Black ShadowWraithMinion                   
          12C181  Unending LifeWraithCondition                   
          12C182  UnimpededWraithCondition                   
          12R183  •The Witch-king, Black LordWraithMinion                   
          12U184  •The Witch-king's Beast, Fell CreatureWraithPossession                   
          12U185  The Angle Site                   
          12U186  The Bridge of Khazad-dûm Site                   
          12S187  Emyn Muil Site                   
          12S188  Hill of Sight Site                   
          12S189  Hobbiton Market Site                   
          12S190  Northern Pelennor Site                   
          12U191  Shores of Nen Hithoel Site                   
          12U192  Slopes of Orodruin Site                   
          12U193  Starkhorn Site                   
          12U194  Wold Battlefield Site                   
          13R1  •Arod, Rohirrim SteedDwarvenPossession                   
          13C2  Awkward MomentDwarvenEvent                   
          13U3  Deep HatredDwarvenCondition                   
          13U4  Dwarf-lordsDwarvenEvent                   
          13R5  •Gimli, Lord of the Glittering CavesDwarvenCompanion                   
          13C6  Honoring His KinfolkDwarvenEvent                   
          13C7  Sorrow SharedDwarvenEvent                   
          13R8  •Subterranean HomesteadDwarvenCondition                   
          13S9  •Arwen, Reflection of LúthienElvenCompanion                   
          13R10  •Asfaloth, Swift BlossomElvenPossession                   
          13R11  •Celeborn, The WiseElvenCompanion                   
          13C12  City of the TreesElvenCondition                   
          13C13  Crashing CavalryElvenCondition                   
          13C14  Final ShotElvenEvent                   
          13R15  •Galadriel, Sorceress of the Hidden LandElvenCompanion                   
          13C16  Inside a SongElvenEvent                   
          13U17  Kindreds EstrangedElvenEvent                   
          13R18  •Legolas, Of the Grey CompanyElvenCompanion                   
          13U19  Let FlyElvenEvent                   
          13S20  Lórien ProtectorElvenCompanion                   
          13C21  Many MilesElvenEvent                   
          13R22  •Secluded HomesteadElvenCondition                   
          13C23  Shrouded ElfElvenCompanion                   
          13C24  Sprang Forth NimblyElvenEvent                   
          13C25  Standing TallElvenCondition                   
          13R26  Take Up the BowElvenCondition                   
          13U27  •Wells of Deep MemoryElvenCondition                   
          13U28  •Alatar, Final EnvoyGandalfFollower                   
          13C29  •Dasron, Merchant from DorwinionGandalfCompanion                   
          13C30  •Fear and Great WonderGandalfCondition                   
          13U31  The Flame of AnorGandalfEvent                   
          13C32  For a While Less DarkGandalfEvent                   
          13R33  •Gandalf, Bearer of ObligationGandalfCompanion                   
          13U34  Look to My ComingGandalfEvent                   
          13C35  No Colour NowGandalfEvent                   
          13R36  •The Palantír of Orthanc, Recovered Seeing StoneGandalfArtifact                   
          13R37  •Pallando, Far-travelling OneGandalfFollower                   
          13R38  •Radagast, Tender of BeastsGandalfFollower                   
          13C39  Return to UsGandalfEvent                   
          13R40  •Shadowfax, Roaring WindGandalfPossession                   
          13C41  Strange MeetingGandalfCondition                   
          13R42  •Traveler's HomesteadGandalfCondition                   
          13U43  Vapour and SteamGandalfCondition                   
          13R44  Chasm's EdgeGollumCondition                   
          13U45  Cunningly HiddenGollumEvent                   
          13R46  •Déagol, Fateful FinderGollumFollower                   
          13C47  DualityGollumEvent                   
          13R48  •Fishing BoatGollumPossession                   
          13R49  •Gladden HomesteadGollumCondition                   
          13U50  •Gollum, Her SneakGollumMinion                   
          13C51  It's My BirthdayGollumEvent                   
          13U52  Little SnufflerGollumEvent                   
          13U53  Naked WasteGollumEvent                   
          13C54  Out of All KnowledgeGollumEvent                   
          13U55  •Sméagol, Simple StoorGollumCompanion                   
          13U56  Softly Up BehindGollumEvent                   
          13R57  Trap Is SprungGollumEvent                   
          13R58  Wild Light of MadnessGollumEvent                   
          13R59  •Aragorn, Isildur's HeirGondorCompanion                   
          13U60  Away on the WindGondorCondition                   
          13U61  Banners BlowingGondorEvent                   
          13S62  •Boromir, Doomed HeirGondorCompanion                   
          13R63  •Brego, Loyal SteedGondorPossession                   
          13R64  •Denethor, Last Ruling StewardGondorCompanion                   
          13R65  •Elendil, High-king of GondorGondorCompanion                   
          13C66  •Faramir, Prince of IthilienGondorCompanion                   
          13U67  Guard of the White TreeGondorCompanion                   
          13C68  Guarded CityGondorEvent                   
          13C69  •Heirs of GondorGondorCondition                   
          13U70  Hope RenewedGondorEvent                   
          13U71  •Isildur, Heir of ElendilGondorCompanion                   
          13U72  •King's LegacyGondorCondition                   
          13C73  KingsfoilGondorPossession                   
          13S74  Rally the CompanyGondorEvent                   
          13U75  •Stewards' LegacyGondorCondition                   
          13R76  •Storied HomesteadGondorCondition                   
          13C77  Tradesman From LebenninGondorCompanion                   
          13R78  •Alatar DeceivedIsengardCondition                   
          13U79  •Pallando DeceivedIsengardCondition                   
          13R80  •Radagast DeceivedIsengardCondition                   
          13R81  •Staff of Saruman, Fallen Istar's StaveIsengardArtifact                   
          13C82  Bring Down the WallMenEvent                   
          13C83  Caravan From the SouthMenCondition                   
          13R84  Corsair ChampionMenMinion                   
          13S85  Cruel DunlendingMenMinion                   
          13R86  Desert WindMenMinion                   
          13C87  Driven From the PlainsMenCondition                   
          13U88  Dunlending PatriarchMenMinion                   
          13U89  Dunlending TrapperMenMinion                   
          13C90  Easterling RunnerMenMinion                   
          13U91  Fires Brightly BurningMenEvent                   
          13U92  •Gríma, Footman of SarumanMenMinion                   
          13R93  HarmlessMenCondition                   
          13U94  HowdahMenCondition                   
          13U95  Lying in WaitMenCondition                   
          13C96  Merciless DunlendingMenMinion                   
          13C97  Pirate CutthroatMenMinion                   
          13U98  Southron MurdererMenMinion                   
          13S99  StragglersMenCondition                   
          13S100  Vicious DunlendingMenMinion                   
          13R101  •Voice of the Desert, Southron TroopMenMinion                   
          13C102  Worn BattleaxeMenPossession                   
          13U103  Always ThreateningOrcCondition                   
          13R104  •Chamber PatrolOrcMinion                   
          13U105  DefiledOrcEvent                   
          13U106  Enemy Upon EnemyOrcCondition                   
          13C107  Expendable ServantsOrcEvent                   
          13R108  Forced MarchOrcCondition                   
          13S109  Howling OrcOrcMinion                   
          13U110  Isengard InformantOrcMinion                   
          13C111  Massing StrengthOrcEvent                   
          13R112  •Orc CrusherOrcMinion                   
          13C113  Orc Line-breakerOrcMinion                   
          13S114  Orc Plains RunnerOrcMinion                   
          13R115  Orc Raid CommanderOrcMinion                   
          13C116  Orc ReaperOrcMinion                   
          13R117  Ordnance GruntOrcMinion                   
          13S118  Picket DenizenOrcMinion                   
          13C119  Underdeeps DenizenOrcMinion                   
          13C120  Unforgiving DepthsOrcCondition                   
          13C121  Whatever MeansOrcEvent                   
          13U122  Bitter TidingsRohanEvent                   
          13R123  •Éomer, Heir to MeduseldRohanCompanion                   
          13U124  •Éowyn, Restless WarriorRohanCompanion                   
          13C125  Ferthu Théoden HalRohanEvent                   
          13R126  •Firefoot, Mearas of the MarkRohanPossession                   
          13C127  •Freely Across Our LandRohanCondition                   
          13U128  •Háma, Captain of the King's GuardRohanCompanion                   
          13C129  HamstrungRohanEvent                   
          13U130  Hurried BarrowsRohanEvent                   
          13U131  •King's BoardRohanCondition                   
          13C132  Merchant of WestfoldRohanCompanion                   
          13C133  Riddermark TacticianRohanCompanion                   
          13C134  Ride With MeRohanEvent                   
          13U135  Rider's BowRohanPossession                   
          13R136  •Snowmane, Noble MearasRohanPossession                   
          13R137  •Théoden, The RenownedRohanCompanion                   
          13R138  •Théodred, Second Marshal of the MarkRohanCompanion                   
          13R139  •Wind-swept HomesteadRohanCondition                   
          13R140  •Sauron, Dark Lord of MordorSauronMinion                   
          13R141  •Sceptre of the Dark LordSauronArtifact                   
          13R142  •Bilbo, Aged Ring-bearerShireCompanion                   
          13R143  •Bill the Pony, Dearly-lovedShirePossession                   
          13U144  •Daddy Twofoot, Next-door NeighborShireFollower                   
          13C145  Don't Let GoShireCondition                   
          13U146  Everything but My BonesShireEvent                   
          13C147  •Faith in FriendshipShireCondition                   
          13U148  Fates EntwinedShireCondition                   
          13R149  •Frodo, Frenzied FighterShireCompanion                   
          13U150  •Frodo Gamgee, Son of SamwiseShireFollower                   
          13U151  •The Gaffer, Master GardenerShireFollower                   
          13R152  •Humble HomesteadShireCondition                   
          13R153  •Mithril-coat, Dwarf-mailShireArtifact                   
          13U154  New ChapterShireCondition                   
          13R155  •Phial of Galadriel, The Light of EärendilShireArtifact                   
          13R156  •Sam, Bearer of Great NeedShireCompanion                   
          13C157  Westfarthing BusinessmanShireCompanion                   
          13R158  Assault CommanderUruk-haiMinion                   
          13C159  Assault DenizenUruk-haiMinion                   
          13C160  Cavern DenizenUruk-haiMinion                   
          13C161  Endless AssaultUruk-haiCondition                   
          13C162  Enemy Without NumberUruk-haiCondition                   
          13C163  Entranced UrukUruk-haiMinion                   
          13C164  Fearless ApproachUruk-haiCondition                   
          13U165  Isengard InfiltratorUruk-haiMinion                   
          13U166  New EnemyUruk-haiEvent                   
          13U167  •Signs of WarUruk-haiCondition                   
          13C168  Uruk AggressorUruk-haiMinion                   
          13R169  •Uruk BlitzUruk-haiMinion                   
          13U170  Uruk DistractorUruk-haiMinion                   
          13R171  Uruk InvaderUruk-haiMinion                   
          13C172  Uruk OutriderUruk-haiMinion                   
          13C173  Uruk ReserveUruk-haiMinion                   
          13R174  Uruk RogueUruk-haiMinion                   
          13C175  Uruk TacticianUruk-haiMinion                   
          13C176  War MachineUruk-haiEvent                   
          13U177  Weapons of ControlUruk-haiCondition                   
          13R178  Dark Fell About HimWraithEvent                   
          13U179  From Hideous EyrieWraithEvent                   
          13R180  Shadow in the EastWraithEvent                   
          13U181  They Came From MordorWraithEvent                   
          13R182  •Úlairë Enquëa, Sixth of the Nine RidersWraithMinion                   
          13U183  •Úlairë Lemenya, Servant of the ShadowWraithMinion                   
          13C184  •Úlairë Nertëa, Servant of the ShadowWraithMinion                   
          13U185  Abandoned Mine Shaft Site                   
          13S186  Caves of Aglarond Site                   
          13U187  City of Kings Site                   
          13U188  Courtyard Parapet Site                   
          13S189  Crossroads of the Fallen Kings Site                   
          13U190  Doors of Durin Site                   
          13S191  Fords of Isen Site                   
          13S192  The Great Gates Site                   
          13U193  Isenwash Site                   
          13U194  Redhorn Pass Site                   

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