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Complete Card List

This handy tabulated list shows every single pre-Shadows card so far and has a link to the card image on Decipher's site. (Recommended for printing out lists to record your collection.) A separate list for cards from Shadows is also available.

The X-List

Standard format is where you can use cards from any released block, except for those on the The X-List. These cards have been deemed too powerful when combined with other later-released cards. This list is currently only valid for pre-Shadows standard play.

Text Spoilers (PDFs)

Below, there is a link to every text spoiler (in PDF format) that is on the Decipher website. It's actually best to right-click on the link and choose "Save As.." rather than opening the link directly. That way, you can save the PDF files onto your computer and view them with Adobe Acrobat or some other PDF viewer. (I find Internet Explorer is very cumbersome when running its Adobe Acrobat plug-in.)

 • Fellowship of the Ring
 • Mines of Moria
 • Realms of the Elf Lords
 • The Two Towers
 • Battle of Helm's Deep
 • Ents of Fangorn
 • Return of the King
 • Siege of Gondor
 • Mount Doom
 • Shadows

Starter Deck Listings

All of the card listings for the starter decks are available on Decipher's website, but I've created a single page that lists them all for convenience. Click here to go to the start or select one of the expansions below to go directly to the listings for that one.

 • Fellowship of the Ring (Gandalf and Aragorn)
 • Mines of Moria (Gimli and Gandalf)
 • Realms of the Elf-Lords (Legolas and Boromir)
 • The Two Towers (Aragorn and Theoden)
 • Battle of Helm's Deep (Legolas and Eowyn)
 • Ents of Fangorn (Faramir and The Witch King)
 • Return of the King (Aragorn and Eomer)
 • Siege of Gondor (Merry and Pippin)
 • Mount Doom (Frodo and Sam)
 • Shadows (Aragorn, Eowyn, Gandalf and Legolas)

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