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This page is a list of LOTR TCG players in the UK and mainland Europe, all of whom play online.

The primary aim is to help players organise online games/tournaments/leagues at appropriate times, but this list could also be the basis for a European guild. (Another use is so players can arrange to meet up in real life or trade by post.)

Online NameLocationReal NameOffline?
childofbaahl2 Lancashire  Anthony Raimondo   
demos99 Newport Pagnell  David Mosley  Yes 
Doombreed Leamington Spa  David de la Motte  Yes 
Foul Tentacle Wakefield  Chris Ibbetson  Yes 
GondorianDotCom Manchester  Ian Bolton  Yes 
kingsleypark Tayside     
KypDurron Belfast  Paul Smith  Yes 
Mirkwood Manchester     
Raeeyesis Oxford  Robert Edwards  Yes 
shadowfaxracer Merseyside  Graham Keith  Yes 
stresswizard Fife   
weeneil London  Yes 
Zoetermir Kent  Lee Bromhead  Yes 

Online NameLocationReal NameOffline?
Earthshaker Netherlands  Rein John Oppedijk  Yes 
Eothain France  Antoine Gandilhon 
Franky Sweden     
Grashopper Germany  Jamison Scheeres 
Haggis   Jan Jacob Mekes  Yes 
morvael Poland  Dominik Derwinski  Yes 
Roy1991 Netherlands  Roy Aarts 
Slovak_Hobbit Slovakia  JD Meyerdirk  Yes 

(Last updated 28th November 2004)

If you want to be added to this list then please contact me.

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