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Much respect to KevLa for inspiring me to make the Fellowship side of this deck. He played his version against my Rohan/Nazgul deck and it did very well. I ended up going first in that game and we each moved one site at a time until I had to double from 7 to 9, in case he tried the double himself.  


The Shadow side of this deck is all my own work and was designed to be fun to play (for me) and frustrating for opponents (especially those with lots of rares and tournament-level decks that fall apart when their critical cards keep disappearing). It would probably be better paired with a discarding Fellowship side (Dwarves and Elves), but the combination of discarding Shadow and pipeweed Free Peoples makes the deck even more wacky, which was the original aim of the deck! Even though it's mainly for fun (and bemusing opponents), this deck actually has the potential to win games. Once the opponent runs out of cards, you can waltz up to site 9 without fear of encountering any minions. :)  

Frodo, Son of Drogo  
The One Ring  
Adventure Deck  
[1] Steps of Edoras  
[2] Rohirrim Camp  
[3] Hall of the Kings  
[4] Pelennor Plain  
[5] Pelennor Flat  
[6] Minas Tirith Fifth Circle  
[7] Osgiliath Crossing  
[8] Morgul Vale  
[9] Slag Mounds  
Free Peoples (42 cards)  
Bounder x2  
Aragorn's Pipe  
The Gaffer's Pipe  
Old Toby x4  
Rosie Cotton, Hobbiton Lass  
There and Back Again x2  
Frodo's Pipe  
Brace of Coneys  
The Shire Countryside x2  
Merry, Friend to Sam  
Boromir, Son of Denethor  
Gandalf, Friend of the Shire Folk  
Gandalf, Manager of Wizards  
Gandalf, The White Wizard  
Gandalf's Staff  
Gandalf's Cart  
Gandalf's Pipe  
Mind Your Own Affairs x3  
Power According to His Stature  
Longbottom Leaf x2  
Sting, Baggins Heirloom  
Smagol, Poor Creature  
Sam, Resolute Halfling  
Legolas, Greenleaf  
Servant of the Secret Fire x2  
Depart Silently  
Moment of Respite  
Hobbit Intuition x2  
Faramir, Son of Denethor  
Shadow (42 cards)  
Uruk Rager x4  
Uruk Soldier x4  
Uruk-hai Sword x4  
Lurtz's Sword  
Orc Inquisitor x4  
Orc Warrior x4  
His Cruelty and Malice x4  
You Bring Great Evil x2  
Saruman's Ambition x3  
Spies of Mordor  
Lurtz x2  
Morgul Hunter x3  
Desperate Measures  
Southern Spies x2  
Saruman's Reach x2  
Too Much Attention  

Bid 1 and try to go second, since your site 5 is very important. Move one site at a time and keep unloading all your gear on the table, to make room to get a hand of shadow cards. Once you have some pipeweed, pipes and Shire Countryside out, you should be able to do a lot of burden removal and wound removal per turn. This should keep your companions alive long enough until the opponent runs out of cards. Never have more than 5 companions down. If you get spare ones in hand then don't worry about sacrificing people from play, if they can be replaced with better companions (e.g. Greenleaf against 2-vitality minions, who can fully heal each turn in a variety of ways.)  


The discarding can work in four main ways: playing cards (Uruk Soldier and Orc Inquisitor), winning skirmishes (Uruk Rager, Uruk-hai Sword, Lurtz's Sword), Maneuver actions/abilities (Orc Warrior, Desperate Measures, Too Much Attention) and the Regroup ability of His Cruelty and Malice. Since there are only two minions of each culture that explicitly help my strategy, I decided to go for Lurtz as my bonus Isengard minion (so I can add his sword for discarding two cards per win) and Morgul Hunter as my bonus Sauron minion, because he is a beast against big fellowships (who could double move a lot and perhaps reach the end before they run out of cards) and also for his high vitality, which can be used in the Regroup with His Cruelty and Malice.  


The biggest flaw in this deck, which makes it high risk for playing in a tournament, is that Frodo, Courteous Halfling, completely wrecks the Shadow side if there are three unbound companions out. I don't know that many people who play him though, so maybe it could be viable. I would probably change the Free Peoples side and have dwarves and elves if I did enter a big tournament though.  


I plan on changing this deck a bit after doing some trading, so expect an update at some point. I'll also be making a Fellowship Block version, which cannot be countered by a certain Frodo (he was less courteous when he was part of the Fellowship of the Ring for some reason!) and so might be tournament-worthy.  


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