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Your booster pack contained:

8U112  Song of the Shire  (Shire Condition)
8U117  The Dimholt  ( Site)
8U64  Mmakil  (Raider Possession)
8R65  Ships of Great Draught  (Raider Possession)
8C39  Knight of Dol Amroth  (Gondor Companion)
8C87  •omer, Keeper of Oaths  (Rohan Companion)
8C76  Morgul Lurker  (Ringwraith Minion)
8C74  Morgul Ambusher  (Ringwraith Minion)
8C89  Fury of the Northmen  (Rohan Event)
8C114  Straining Towards Us  (Shire Event)
8C47  Stronger and More Terrible  (Gondor Condition)

1476 simulated packs opened since 14th March 2004.

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