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Your booster pack contained:

7U123  Support of the City  (Gondor Condition)
7U334  Steps of Edoras  ( Site)
7U98  Gondorian Sword  (Gondor Possession)
7R80  •Andril, King's Blade  (Gondor Artifact)
7C96  Gondorian Captain  (Gondor Companion)
7C4  Calculated Risk  (Dwarven Event)
7C155  Raider Bow  (Raider Possession)
7C65  Never  (Gollum Condition)
7C153  Mmakil of the Harad  (Raider Event)
7C11  Out of Darkness  (Dwarven Event)
7C173  War Towers  (Raider Event)

21296 simulated packs opened since 14th March 2004.

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