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Your booster pack contained:

6U36  Threw Down My Enemy  (Gandalf Event)
6U90  Banner of the Mark  (Rohan Possession)
6U61  Desertion  (Isengard Condition)
6R15  •Elrond, Keeper of Vilya  (Elven Ally)
6C112  Long Slow Wrath  (Shire Event)
6C95  •Hrethel, Rider of Rohan  (Rohan Companion)
6C47  You're a Liar and a Thief  (Gollum Event)
6C33  •Quickbeam, Bregalad  (Gandalf Companion)
6C53  Mortal Men  (Gondor Event)
6C4  Dunlending Headman  (Dunland Minion)
6C100  Dead Ones  (Sauron Minion)

1624 simulated packs opened since 14th March 2004.

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Ents of Fangorn (10 packs left)
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