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Your booster pack contained:

2U59  Foul Things  (Moria Event)
2U33  Flee in Terror  (Gondor Event)
2U76  Helpless  (Ringwraith Condition)
2R75  •Bill Ferny, Swarthy Sneering Fellow  (Ringwraith Minion)
2C69  Old Differences  (Moria Event)
2C95  Vile Blade  (Sauron Possession)
2C102  •Frodo, Reluctant Adventurer  (Shire Companion)
2C40  Demands of the Sackville-Bagginses  (Isengard Condition)
2C89  Orc Scout  (Sauron Minion)
2C6  •Frr, Gimli's Kinsman  (Dwarven Companion)
2C110  •Pippin, Mr. Took  (Shire Companion)

31765 simulated packs opened since 14th March 2004.

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