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Your booster pack contained:

13U193  Isenwash  ( Site)
13U17  Kindreds Estranged  (Elven Event)
13U34  Look to My Coming  (Gandalf Event)
13R101  Voice of the Desert, Southron Troop  (Men Minion)
13C176  War Machine  (Uruk-hai Event)
13C13  Crashing Cavalry  (Elven Condition)
13C134  Ride With Me  (Rohan Event)
13C120  Unforgiving Depths  (Orc Condition)
13C73  Kingsfoil  (Gondor Possession)
13C107  Expendable Servants  (Orc Event)
13C54  Out of All Knowledge  (Gollum Event)

31727 simulated packs opened since 14th March 2004.

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