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Your booster pack contained:

12U138  Broken Heirloom  (Uruk-hai Event)
12U185  The Angle  ( Site)
12U3  A Clamour of Many Voices  (Dwarven Condition)
12R82  Barrage  (Orc Event)
12C8  His Father's Charge  (Dwarven Condition)
12C110  Cleaving a Path  (Rohan Condition)
12C146  Strange Device  (Uruk-hai Event)
12C143  Quelling Force  (Uruk-hai Event)
12C87  Goblin Aggressor  (Orc Minion)
12C64  Enraged Southron  (Men Minion)
12C46  Elendil's Valor  (Gondor Event)

21474 simulated packs opened since 14th March 2004.

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