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Your booster pack contained:

12U161  Black Rider  (Wraith Minion)
12U136  Berserker Torch  (Uruk-hai Possession)
12U36  With Doom We Come  (Gandalf Condition)
12R80  •Whip of Many Thongs, Weapon of Flame and Shadow  (Moria Artifact)
12C93  Orc Footman  (Orc Minion)
12C95  Orc Skulker  (Orc Minion)
12C172  Steed of Mordor  (Wraith Possession)
12C78  Wrathful Hillman  (Men Minion)
12C44  Concealment  (Gondor Event)
12C142  Merciless Uruk  (Uruk-hai Minion)
12C96  Orc Spear  (Orc Possession)

21383 simulated packs opened since 14th March 2004.

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Black Rider (34 packs left)
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