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Your booster pack contained:

12U138  Broken Heirloom  (Uruk-hai Event)
12U99  Pitiless Orc  (Orc Minion)
12U13  Sharp Defense  (Dwarven Event)
12R28  Gandalf's Hat  (Gandalf Possession)
12C6  Dwarven Skill  (Dwarven Condition)
12C64  Enraged Southron  (Men Minion)
12C146  Strange Device  (Uruk-hai Event)
12C181  Unending Life  (Wraith Condition)
12C114  For the Mark  (Rohan Event)
12C7  Dwarven Warrior  (Dwarven Companion)
12C70  Hemmed In  (Men Condition)

31831 simulated packs opened since 14th March 2004.

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