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Your booster pack contained:

12U24  Taking the High Ground  (Elven Condition)
12U50  Guardian  (Gondor Condition)
12U66  Gathering Strength  (Men Event)
12R56  Castamir of Umbar, Corsair Vandal  (Men Minion)
12C6  Dwarven Skill  (Dwarven Condition)
12C137  Breeding Pit Conscript  (Uruk-hai Minion)
12C60  Crazed Hillman  (Men Minion)
12C84  Bloodstained Field  (Orc Event)
12C153  Uruk Pikeman  (Uruk-hai Minion)
12C123  Hope is Kindled  (Shire Event)
12C93  Orc Footman  (Orc Minion)

43273 simulated packs opened since 14th March 2004.

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