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Your booster pack contained:

11U38  New-awakened  (Gandalf Event)
11U55  Armor of the Citadel  (Gondor Possession)
11U110  Bound to its Fate  (Orc Event)
11R158  Sword Rack  (Rohan Condition)
11C192  Isengard Sword  (Uruk-hai Possession)
11C206  Watchman Uruk  (Uruk-hai Minion)
11C111  Champion Orc  (Orc Minion)
11C94  Pavise  (Men Possession)
11C101  Swarthy Bree-lander  (Men Minion)
11C73  Corps of Harad  (Men Minion)
11C132  Orkish Smith  (Orc Minion)

23539 simulated packs opened since 14th March 2004.

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