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Your booster pack contained:

11U182  Devastation  (Uruk-hai Event)
11U244  Heights of Isengard  ( Site)
11U175  A Task Now to Be Done  (Shire Event)
11R134  Persistent Orc  (Orc Minion)
11C76  Easterling Shield Wall  (Men Minion)
11C39  Prolonged Struggle  (Gandalf Event)
11C71  Bold and Cunning  (Men Event)
11C101  Swarthy Bree-lander  (Men Minion)
11C120  Entrapping Orc  (Orc Minion)
11C31  Final Account  (Gandalf Event)
11C36  Inspiration  (Gandalf Event)

4907 simulated packs opened since 14th March 2004.

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