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Your booster pack contained:

10U53  Black Marshal  (Ringwraith Condition)
10U39  Corsair Ruffian  (Raider Minion)
10U117  Base of Mindolluin  ( Site)
10R7  Celeborn, Lord of the Galadhrim  (Elven Companion)
10C90  Mordor Brute  (Sauron Minion)
10C110  A Marvel  (Shire Event)
10C27  Dead Man of Dunharrow  (Gondor Companion)
10C55  Cirith Ungol Soldier  (Ringwraith Minion)
10C50  Southron Savage  (Raider Minion)
10C30  End of the Game  (Gondor Event)
10C106  Chance Observation  (Shire Event)

31845 simulated packs opened since 14th March 2004.

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