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Your booster pack contained:

1U64  Support of the Last Homely House  (Elven Event)
1U209  Blade Tip  (Ringwraith Condition)
1U275  Seeking It Always  (Sauron Condition)
1R265  Orc Butchery  (Sauron Event)
1C4  Battle Fury  (Dwarven Event)
1C42  Elven Cloak  (Elven Possession)
1C117  Swordsman of the Northern Kingdom  (Gondor Event)
1C41  Elven Bow  (Elven Possession)
1C295  Hobbit Farmer  (Shire Ally)
1C101  Coat of Mail  (Gondor Possession)
1C177  Goblin Patrol Troop  (Moria Minion)

23527 simulated packs opened since 14th March 2004.

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Fellowship of the Ring (24 packs left)
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