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Your booster pack contained:

1U357  Brown Lands  ( Site)
1U344  Dwarrowdelf Chamber  ( Site)
1U113  A Ranger's Versatility  (Gondor Event)
1R314  Stone Trolls  (Shire Condition)
1C312  Sorry About Everything  (Shire Event)
1C192  Pinned Down  (Moria Condition)
1C122  Breeding Pit  (Isengard Event)
1C157  Uruk-hai Armory  (Isengard Condition)
1C24  Stairs of Khazad-dûm  (Dwarven Condition)
1C151  Uruk Savage  (Isengard Minion)
1C116  Swordarm of the White Tower  (Gondor Event)

3295 simulated packs opened since 14th March 2004.

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Fellowship of the Ring (22 packs left)
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